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New venue in Allen promises to be the greatest backyard party of all time

New venue in Allen promises the greatest backyard party of all time

The Hub Farm at Allen
Having some good clean fun. Rendering courtesy of Hub

A new family-friendly entertainment venue is coming to the northern edge of Allen. Called The Hub, it'll go into The Farm in Allen, a mixed-use complex currently in development on the southeast corner of the Sam Rayburn Tollway and Alma Drive.

The Hub is a concept from Florida founded in 2015; its first location — dubbed "the greatest backyard party of all time" — is near Seaside on the Florida panhandle.

The one in Allen will occupy 2.67 acres in the center of the 135-acre development, adjacent to The Farm's West Lake Park which is perhaps Allen's version of the Florida panhandle.

It'll include:

  • 2,000-square-foot stage for live music, televised sports, and movies
  • 5,700-square-foot outdoor covered lawn
  • flanked by nine indoor/outdoor restaurants, an ice cream shop, bars and retail
  • 15,000 square feet of covered, upper and lower shared dining space with ample seating
  • nearly 13,000 square feet of additional open outdoor space for seating

The Hub is a project from JaRyCo, a developer based in Allen that really ought to commit to upper or lower case, one or the other, just choose. JaRyCo president Bruce Heller says in a statement that The Hub is a good thing because it will bring activity to the space all day, with an open-air setup that allows tenants and patrons to unwind safely in their own backyard.

There was a 15,000-seat cricket stadium planned for that intersection, but that project got axed after neighbors expressed concern about the noise.

The Farm in Allen is the result of a partnership forged in July 2020 between JaRyCo and the Johnson family to transform what was farmland into The Farm in Allen. Bob Johnson Sr. and his wife Doris bought the land since the 1960s from a neighboring farmer, and were using it to raising cattle and grow wheat, corn, and hay.

The new development will incorporate office space, retail, a 150-key hotel, restaurants, townhomes, and 2,400 urban residential units. It will also be home to a 2.5-acre lake, boardwalk restaurants, hike and bike trails, a 16-acre greenbelt along Watters Creek, and four additional park areas. It'll tie into Allen's hike and bike trail system and will also include energy efficient and sustainable design features.

Brad Zeitlin, founder and owner of The Hub, sounds like a fun guy in his statement when he says that "North Texans have strong family values, making the region ideal for The Hub. It’s a place for friends, family and nearby office workers to get together, unwind and enjoy good, clean fun."