FNL Movie a No-Go

Tim Riggins keeps breaking our hearts: Taylor Kitsch says he'll never do Friday Night Lights movie

Heart-breaker: Taylor Kitsch says he won't do FNL movie

Taylor Kitsch Friday Night Lights
Taylor Kitsch on Friday Night Lights movie: No f-ing way. Courtesy of NBC/Universal
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FNL cast won't reprise rolls. Photo by Paul Drinkwater/NBC
Taylor Kitsch Friday Night Lights
News_Friday Night Lights_TV show_cast

Texas forever? I guess not, Tim Riggins. 

Ever since the best show ever (a.k.a. NBC's Friday Night Lights) ended in 2011, fans have been eager for news about a possible movie. This is, of course, not referring to the first movie (based on H.G. Bissinger's 1990 classic book about the 1988 Permian High School Panthers from Odessa, Texas) on which the television show was based, but the second movie that would be based on the television show by the same name. (It's confusing.) 

 "I'm never gonna be in that movie," Kitsch told Vulture. "There was already a movie! And the show ended fuckin' spot-on. We're good."

After news broke that Tami Taylor had a copy of the Peter Berg-produced FNL movie script in her possession, fans were ecstatic. Finally, we could find out if Tim Riggins built that house! If Matt and Julie ever got married! If Landry was ever indicted for that murder in season two! (Okay, bit of misstep, but it worked out.) But it has all come crashing down.

First, Berg told Collider.com, "There’s not gonna be a movie. We talked about it, some people thought it was a good idea, some didn’t; I’ve come to believe it’s probably not a good idea, and I seriously doubt it’s gonna happen."

Okay, so maybe Berg lost hope, but we certainly haven't, right? Wrong. On Monday, Taylor Kitsch, the dreamiest of the dreamboats himself (not editorializing, just stating facts), discussed the FNL movie with New York's Vulture blog, saying, "No, period. I'm not doing it. I'm never gonna be in that movie. There was already a movie! And the show ended fuckin' spot-on. We're good."

For the record, Kyle Chandler — who played Coach Eric Taylor — has pretty much always said the movie was a no-go.

This is so depressing. If you need me, I'll be at the Alamo Freeze.

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