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This is the raddest gift ever for those who need it most: new Dallas moms

The raddest gift ever for those who need it most: new Dallas moms

Buttermilk Babies
The Buttermilk Babies large bundle ($175) comes with swaddles, macarons, coffee, flowers, and a candle. Courtesy photo
Buttermilk Babies
Buttermilk Babies swaddles are designed for cool moms. Courtesy photo
Buttermilk Babies
The fabric is a blend of cotton and bamboo rayon that gives the swaddle extra pull to keep the swaddle snug. Courtesy photo
Buttermilk Babies
Buttermilk Babies
Buttermilk Babies

Thanks to the lack of sleep, diaper blowouts, and milk leakage that comes with new motherhood, entertaining well-wishers isn’t always easy during those first few weeks with a wee one. And the ladies behind the Dallas-based swaddle company Buttermilk Babies know the struggle is real. For all parties.

“Even for those who want to send gifts, it can be awkward. You wonder, ‘Do I come over? Do I drop something off on their porch and run? Do I stay?’” says creative director Nicole Broadhurst. “So we thought it would be a great idea for new moms to get a gift that we can deliver, and we’ll make sure it gets to the door in a timely manner.”

Thus was born the Buttermilk Bundle: a curated collection of handmade and local goodies, all artfully packed in a gift box and hand delivered to your favorite baby mama. Broadhurst and owner McKenzie Mitchell made a point to get Dallas purveyors on board so they could ensure treats would arrive fresh and ready to enjoy.

The large bundle ($250) includes a seasonal bouquet from Bows and Arrows; a colorful selection from Joy Macarons; Vim + Vigor’s organic, cold-pressed juice blends; coffee from Village Baking Co.; a handmade soy candle from the Los Angeles-based P.F. Candle Co.; and, of course, a couple of Buttermilk Babies’ super-soft, oversized swaddles. There are medium and small options for $125 and $75 each, respectively.

Mitchell and Broadhurst began delivering to Dallas moms in March and hope to expand into other Texas cities in six months.

It’s a major endeavor for the year-old company, which Mitchell, a former actress, launched after noticing that every swaddle out there had babyish designs and pastel colors. Pregnant with her now-toddler, Mitchell’s nursery style leaned toward kitschy.

So she enlisted artist friends to come up with cool designs. One swaddle features rows of old-school boomboxes. Another style, aptly named “Graffiti,” is scrawled with naughty words such as “boob” and “poop.” Perfect for the mom with a sense of humor.

The Buttermilk Babies product is twice the size of the average swaddle, which means they can be used for just about anything — the basic sleep-time wrap job, a light blanket, a nursing cover, or maybe even a makeshift diaper in the most extreme circumstances (nobody’s judging). The fabric is a blend of cotton and bamboo rayon that, according to Broadhurst, gives the swaddle extra pull to keep the swaddle snug.

And she should know. Broadhurst — previously a prop, set, and food stylist — officially joined the Buttermilk Babies team last fall, but her first experience with the company was a crash course in the art of wrapping tots.

“What initially pulled me over to the swaddle side was when McKenzie brought me in for a photo shoot,” Broadhurst says. “We had six babies and I didn’t know how to swaddle, so I pulled up some YouTube videos. By the end of that shoot, I was a swaddle pro. It was like a factory. One would be put in front of me, and I would wrap them up like a burrito and pass them along.”  

A handy skill considering Broadhurst is expecting her own bundle of joy in June.

Of course, swaddles can be purchased sans bundle, priced at $75 for a four-pack and $45 for a two-pack. Gift wrapping also is available.