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New wellness center in West Village brews Dallas' trendiest coffees

New wellness center in West Village brews Dallas' trendiest coffees

Formula Wellness Center charcoal latte
Coffee with mushrooms and coffee with charcoal, mmmm. Photo courtesy of Formula

Formula Wellness Center, a small chain that helps you lose weight and offers various medical treatments, has opened a third location in the West Village location at 3600 McKinney Ave., joining its locations in the Park Cities and Fort Worth.

It's a medical practice run by a husband-and-wife doctor team that provides workout and diet solutions, supplements, injections, detoxifying I.V. infusions, and bioidentical hormone therapy.

They're also featuring some unique food and beverage options, including a coffee and bone broth bar and to-go Formula Foods.

Bone broth has become a popular cure-all, and their coffee options feature some trendy ingredients, including a coffee with butter and another with turmeric.

Their options are as follows:

  • Fathack Coffee – custom blend made with coffee, Lucky Layla Farms butter, coconut oil, and medium chain triglyceride oil (easiest oil from which the body can produce energy)
  • Mushroom Mochas – organic blends include Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps, and Lion’s Mane made with organic cacao steamed milk
  • Collagen Lattes – 10 grams of collagen protein
  • Charcoal Lattes – detoxifying/hangover busting activated charcoal
  • Golden Milk Lattes – made with inflammation reducing turmeric
  • Bone Broth – two versions of organic, grass-fed Texas cattle simmered with a local pitmaster’s specific blend of seasonings to yield the best collagen in this drinkable, protein-rich beverage.

Formula Foods
Aligning with Formula Wellness Center’s goal to preserve health and prevent illness with nutrition, exercise and supplementation, Formula Foods are a grab-and-go meals created by local chefs to provide guests with personalized nutrition.

A weekly rotation of options includes meals such as Spinach Artichoke Chicken Casserole, Italian Stuffed Bell Peppers, Taco Cabbage Skillet, Chicken Enchilada Bowl, Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Zucchini Boats and Cajun Salmon.

The best part: all of their coffees will be served in compostable paper/plastic products.