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Fitness center where Shakira got her abs makes Texas debut in Plano

Fitness center where Shakira got her abs makes Texas debut in Plano

AKT Fitness
Working those Shakira moves. Photo courtesy of AKT

A new fitness concept founded by a celebrity trainer has made its Texas debut. AKT, which stands for Anna Kaiser Technique, is a dance-based cardio fitness brand that has opened a new studio in Plano, at 1900 Preston Rd. at the hot hot intersection of Park Boulevard.

AKT is founded by celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser, whose clients have included Shakira and Kelly Ripa. A release says that their approach combines four workouts: Dance, Bands, Circuit, and Tone, or to put it another way, dance, interval, circuit, and toning.

It also incorporates new content every three weeks to prevent the routines from getting boring. Although frankly, for some, it takes three weeks to even learn a routine, much less get bored.

All skill levels are welcome, and having fun is key to their philosophy. From the release: "With the pillars of badassery, rhythm, community, passion, and results, the celeb secret is revealed on how to achieve rockin' bods while still having fun during a workout." See, "having fun" is in there somewhere.

The concept was brought to the area by mother-daughter team Serena Cole and Barrett Cole, who say they've recruited some of the region's top fitness gurus and talent, including professional dancers from some of Texas' top professional sports teams.

"North Texans are passionate about fitness, and we’re so excited to introduce them to AKT — a results-driven, positive, and fun fitness method that has been revolutionizing workouts for thousands from coast to coast," Serena Cole says in a statement. "We are confident North Texans will quickly feel the rhythm and discover the amazing benefits of the AKT method for themselves, while staying safe and healthy."

Speaking of healthy, extra care is being taken to observe the CDC’s recommendations for preventing the spread of germs and ensuring each member has a safe workout. In advance of the opening, AKT has employed strict cleaning regimens including a MicroShield 360 treatment, an EPA-registered and FDA-approved coating system that provides continual protection from 90+ harmful pathogens. The studio is also fogged with Aseptic Plus Hospital Grade disinfectant between each class.

They'll open with a reduced class size environment and maintain a 6-foot distance throughout classes to ensure a contactless experience in the studio. Masks are required for entry and exit, and while in the studio when not participating in a workout.

Individual classes cost $27. They also offer packs: 4 classes for $89 and 8 classes for $159. You can also buy a monthly unlimited membership for $219, although if you sign up by July 25, you get a 20 percent discounted rate of $175 per month.

AKT is part of Xponential Fitness, the Irvine, California company whose portfolio of boutique fitness brands include Club Pilates, Cycle Bar, Stretchlab, Row House, and Stride.