Renee Rouleau

The celebrity skincare guru on Dallas generosity, road trips and the meaning of life

Skincare guru Renee Rouleau on Dallas generosity and meaning of life

Beauty expert Renee Rouleau
Aesthetician to the stars Renee Rouleau has built a beauty empire from her home base in Dallas. Photo by Sylvia Elzafon

If socialites and superstars look particularly porcelain and pore-free on the red carpet, rest assured their skin has been in the hands of celebrity aesthetician Renee Rouleau. Having launched her career in Boston at the tender age of 21, Rouleau moved to Dallas for “the nicer weather and friendlier people” in 1996.

Since then, she’s expanded her empire from a single skincare spa into a worldwide clientele, with her award-winning “Personal Skin Prescription” product line solving the problems of every skin type along the way.

With permanent locations in Plano and at One Arts Plaza — plus pop-up shops on both coasts — her tailored regime keeps the faces of Anna Faris, Demi Lovato, Lisa Rinna and Brenda Strong glowing. As the founder of September’s National Skin Care Awareness Month, one would assume world domination would be next on her agenda. But in Rouleau’s case, nothing could be further from the truth.

“I have tons of opportunity for growth, and I say no to a lot of things simply because it’s not in alignment with what my personal goals are,” she explains. “We have a huge cult following, and we’re not as available as we could be, but my goal has always been about skin, not sales.

“The minute I switch my focus to be just about selling I feel like I’m in conflict with what I set up to do, which is help people have healthy skin.”

Below, just makes this altruistic aesthetician tick:

What is your chief characteristic?

Optimism. Why look at the world any differently?

Your idea of happiness?

Being of service to others, whether it’s empowering my employees to success, sharing words of wisdom with a young entrepreneur or giving a facial to a woman at the Family Place who has fled from her abuser. It all brings true meaning to my life.

Your idea of misery?

Going to bed with unanswered emails in my inbox. That’s a nightmare!

Your favorite food and drink?

Anything with tomatoes; I’ve even been to the Tomato Festival in Mississippi because I love them so much! And a Dark and Stormy cocktail. 

Your favorite motto?

Nike’s: “Just do it.”

Your favorite heroes in real life?

My mom. Aside from being the most caring person I know, I love that at age 76 she’s still moving forward in life. She loves to learn and keep up with the latest and greatest; she volunteers a lot, and she’s active. A lot of people slow down, and she’s still learning and growing.

If not yourself, who would you be?

Any of the nine Doberman Pinschers we have rescued or adopted over the course of the last 14 years. My husband and I live in the country on 40 acres, so it gives them a huge playground.

What is your favorite pastime?

Traveling with my husband and riding our Harley-Davidsons in different areas of the world. Memorable trips include LA, New Zealand and Cape Town.

What do you love most about Dallas?

Dallas is a city full of friendly, proud, hardworking people who make things happen. They are less talk and more action.

What would you change about the city?

I would create more parks and trails for outdoor activity and enjoyment.

What makes a true Dallasite?

A generous person who makes a mark in his or her own world, but also gives time and resources to helping others. There are so many amazing men and women doing just that.