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Karl Lagerfeld loves Texas, so he's bringing a blowout Chanel fashion show to Dallas

Karl Lagerfeld loves Texas, so he's bringing a blowout Chanel fashion show to Dallas

Karl Lagerfeld, Diane Lokey Farb
Courtesy Photo

Dallas fashionistas are in a dither today after designer Karl Lagerfeld announced he wants to bring Chanel’s Metiers D’Art show to Dallas. The most recent pre-collection extravaganza was held in the ruins of a castle in Scotland.

We have Neiman Marcus to thank, it seems, for Lagerfeld’s love affair with Texas. In an interview with Women's Wear Daily executive editor Bridget Foley, Lagerfeld had this to say about his legendary shows and why he wants to bring one to Dallas:

It’s very important to do it in a very special way, because today, everything is shown on the Internet and on television. When you have a show with only a girl coming out of the door, crossing a runway, it’s OK for fashion freaks but the public get bored very quickly. There has to be some magical surrounding. That’s why I went to Scotland to this castle where Mary Stuart was born, and it was quite a magical moment.

To do the opposite, next time, in a year, I will go to Dallas. You know why? First of all, I love Texas. I love Texans. There’s another reason. When Chanel reopened, the French press was beyond nasty. The only press that understood it immediately was the American press, and Neiman Marcus gave her the Oscar for her collection, so I think it’s a nice thing to go there.

Lagerfeld went on to say he tries to find a connection between the place and the fashions, although he admits sometimes it can be very vague. “With Texas, it’s a detail, but with little detail, you can make a whole story. I am a storyteller for that.”

That's a story we can’t wait to retell.