Who Needs Waves?

Get the ultimate beach bod at City Surf Fitness studio in Uptown

Get the ultimate beach bod at City Surf Fitness studio

City Surf Fitness
City Surf Fitness in Uptown brings surfing on land. City Surf Fitness/Facebook

Desperate to give your knees a break from running on the hard pavement? Then check out hot new fitness studio City Surf Fitness for an alternative — but equally effective — workout.

Think surfing, but without the wetsuit and waves.

The studio has special equipment from surfing innovators Surfset Fitness (one of Mark Cuban’s companies). The Ripsurfer X machine combines a paddling element with a balance board base, which mimics the feeling of surfing on water. It forces you to balance using all of your muscles, which increases flexibility, strength and endurance.

As you break a sweat, high-energy music blasts through the speakers, and a video of ocean surfers get projected on the front wall. If that throws you off balance, you can always watch yourself in the side mirror.

There are four different classes:

  • City Surfing, which combines fat burn, lean muscle build and extreme balance training
  • Beach Body Bootcamp, which builds strength and cardiovascular fitness on and off the machine through interval training
  • Big Kahuna, which is designed to strengthen and enhance the size of skeletal muscles, while increasing bone mass
  • Buddha Board, which improves strength, flexibility, balance and stamina.

The one-room studio has shelves to keep your belongings and a restroom for changing. You can sign up for classes online or on your smartphone app; purchase class packages according to your preference. City Surf Fitness also offers private lessons.