Dallas Charmers

These are the 5 most charming neighborhoods in Dallas

These are the most charming neighborhoods in Dallas

Main Street Garden
Main Street is one of Dallas' most charming neighborhoods. Photo courtesy of Downtown Dallas, Inc.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and Dallas boasts five areas that would make even Mr. Rogers want to pick up and move. That's according to apartment search website RentLingo, which created heat maps across the country to determine which local neighborhoods have the most charm.

RentLingo zeroed in on Dallas' city center to come up with the five neighborhoods with the most appeal. Using a 100-point system to establish charm levels, the outcome is based on things like how well-liked businesses are in the area, what types of amenities are nearby, and how expensive the neighborhood is. 

The five most charming Dallas neighborhoods are Glencoe (81 points), Vickery Place (81), Greenway Parks (79), Main Street District (77), and Cityplace (75).

With the picturesque Glencoe Park as its centerpiece, it's no surprise that the stretch east of 75 and west of Greenville Avenue, between Mockingbird and McCommas, heads up the Dallas list. Vickery Place, though technically not part of the M Streets, boasts the same historic appeal as its neighbor. Likewise, Greenway Parks is right next to Highland Park and University Park, giving upscale cache to the area.

Main Street District is the center of downtown, connecting the city's business and entertainment hubs. It's also where you'll find Neiman Marcus and the Magnolia Hotel, along with the respite that is Main Street Garden. Cityplace also retains its urban allure, with Uptown and the West Village as neighbors.

Ultimately inspired by local culture, each of these neighborhoods offers a unique taste of Dallas charm. If you’re planning a move sometime soon, reference RentLingo’s charm index heat map before you settle on your next neighborhood.