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This Dallas suburb is one of Texas' most expensive housing markets

This Dallas 'burb is one of Texas' most expensive housing markets

Four Points Sheraton
Homes in Frisco are among the priciest in the state. Photo courtesy of Four Points Sheraton

Some of the most expensive homes in Texas? They're nearby in Frisco, according to Coldwell Banker's recent analysis. 

The 2016 Coldwell Banker Home Listing Report ranked more than 2,000 markets across the U.S. based on the average listing price of four-bedroom, two-bathroom homes. The report, said to be the most extensive home price comparison tool in the U.S., includes a nationwide list of expensive and affordable markets, as well as lists for each state.

Frisco is the 10th most expensive market in Texas. A four-bed, two-bath home there costs $291,808 on average. In Austin, the most expensive Texas market, four-bedroom homes go for $414,563.

Austin is the only major Texas metro to appear among the 10 most expensive markets. Nearby Georgetown and Round Rock rank Nos. 3 and 9. Houston-area suburbs Sugar Land and The Woodlands rank Nos. 7 and 8; and Keller, near Fort Worth, is No. 6. Dallas proper ranks 45th in the state, with an average listing price of $240,689.

The 10 most expensive markets on the nationwide list are all located in California. In Saratoga, the most expensive of all, a four-bedroom home goes for $2,453,718, which makes Frisco sound like a steal.