Pita Sandwiches

New restaurant plies pitas and patio on Dallas' Oak Lawn Avenue

New restaurant plies pitas and patio on Dallas' Oak Lawn Avenue

Pita bread
Lebanese restaurant Open Sesame Grill is coming to Oak Lawn. Photo courtesy of Open Sesame

A new restaurant specializing in Lebanese food is opening on Oak Lawn Avenue, in a space that used to serve vegan hot dogs. Called Open Sesame Grill, it will take over the space at 2615 Oak Lawn Ave., which was most recently occupied by Samson's Hot Dogs.

Samson's owner Troy Gardner closed his hot dog joint in May, before going on to fame and fortune as the proprietor of V-Eats in Trinity Groves. Open Sesame will fill the void left for diners in the area seeking a good, affordable lunch and dinner.

The restaurant comes from Mo Kamal, who worked in the restaurant industry for 12 years and fostered a dream of opening his own place. "I made my mind up that I was finally going to do something about it," he says.

He's redoing the space, but he'll keep the patio, which is a rare commodity on Oak Lawn Avenue. He's planning on a February opening.

While Dallas has its share of Middle Eastern restaurants, those that serve Lebanese specifically are in the minority.

"The menu isn't finished yet, but it'll be authentic Lebanese," Kamal says. "My cook is my brother-in-law. His family business is a butcher shop Lebanon, where you ask for a cut of meat and they grill it on the spot."

He says the signature dish will be kafta, which is ground beef with onions and parsley, and there will be pita sandwiches.

"Lunch is important in that neighborhood, but I'm going to do the same menu for lunch and dinner, with the same price and portions," he says. "I want to have a place where you can get good food for under $10."