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Intriguing bakery delivers breads across Dallas from around the world

Intriguing bakery delivers breads across Dallas from around the world

You get great bread and a little more in the bargain. BreadEx

There's new bread in town, delivered to your door: Called BreadEx, it's a delivery bakery that specializes in artisan breads with an international theme.

Based in Plano, BreadEx offers subscriptions of international and traditional breads, that not only get you good bread but also allow you to explore different cultures: From Italian ciabatta to Japanese pandan milk bread to German spelt pretzel rolls.

In a statement, founder Uma Iyer says there is no one else offering a service that combines culture, breads, and the convenience of home delivery.

"Bread is a basic food in all world cultures and a staple in almost every home," Iyer says. "We are passionate about bringing the tremendous diversity of artisan breads right to our customers' breakfast table. We want to complement and diversify the bread buying experience for our customers."

The company originally started as BreadforAll, a charity fundraiser that ran during the height of the pandemic in 2020.

"After the fundraiser, we received widespread demand for the service," Iyer says. "So we decided to rebrand as BreadEx and offer the bread delivery as a sub-service offered by our Plano bakery Tartalicious. Now in 2022, we are officially launching BreadEx as our full-time service."

There are two options:

BreadEx: World will be a rotating menu that changes monthly in an effort to feature breads from various cultures. March is Italy, as follows:

  • Week 1: Pane Siciliano
  • Week 2: Focaccia with Pesto, Garlic Confit and Basil
  • Week 3: Ciabatta
  • Week 4: Sicilian Brioche

The next month will be another region/country with four new breads.

BreadEx: Essential features artisan loaves for everyday meals, with four loaves delivered on a rotating, weekly basis, as follows:

  • Week 1: Buttered Oat Loaf
  • Week 2: Whole Wheat
  • Week 3: Milk Bread
  • Week 4: Multigrain Seeded Loaf

Ordering will begin on February 8, when the website goes live. The international breads are $12.50 per week and the everyday breads are $8 per week.

Head baker is Neil Tigner, who has been tweaking recipes from around the world. "We're passionate about bread and getting it in the hands of customers while it is still truly fresh from the oven," he says.

They'll deliver to Dallas and areas surrounding Dallas, and hope to make it into Tarrant County in the future.