Craft Beer Revival

Greenville Avenue craft beer spot rises like Lazarus to pour again

Greenville Avenue craft beer spot rises like Lazarus to pour again

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Dallas Beer Kitchen makes a comeback on Greenville Avenue. iStock

Greenville Avenue is emerging as the street of second chances. First was the rebirth of Green Grocer and, now, a reopening that represents great news for craft beer fans: Dallas Beer Kitchen gets another life and will reopen on January 29, thanks to a white knight who has interceded to keep it afloat during the hard times of road construction.

Dallas Beer Kitchen owner Bryan Kaeser confirmed that a Greenville Avenue restaurateur had stepped in to help revive Kaeser's struggling business and will help with a refresh of the menu.

Kaeser closed the bar on January 24 after three years, blaming the ongoing road construction on Greenville Avenue for a serious decline in business.

"We had seen the hard times coming," Kaeser says. "After five months, we decided to close and began scouting for people to buy us out or take over our lease. All the people we talked to said it would take up to six months to get it back up. But we found someone who liked what we were doing and felt like they could help."

That someone is the group of folks who own Nora, the neighboring restaurant noted for its acclaimed Afghani food.

"They said they loved the concept, that it had a strong name and a presence in that craft beer market," Kaeser says. "They also wanted to make sure that the street wasn't plagued by vacancies."

There'll be a new staff installed in the kitchen and a revamp of the menu that keeps popular dishes, like the hummus dip, and adds new items too. And Kaeser, who will still be a partner, will get to continue doing what he loves to do the most.

"I'll be a part of the beer program, which is one of the main reasons I got into this in the first place," he says.