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It's no go for edible cookie dough with closure of cute shop in Frisco

It's no go for edible cookie dough with closure of cute shop in Frisco

The Dough Dough
Cookie dough bites. Courtesy of The Dough Dough

Frisco is just a little less sweet today: The Dough Dough, the cookie dough shop at Frisco Bridges, a retail center next to the Stonebriar Centre Mall, has closed.

Owner Gina Farmer (formerly Ginsburg, following her fabulous wedding in April 2019) says she reluctantly closed the location in early January.

"It's with great sadness that we made the decision to close a couple weeks," she says. "We had some staffing issues we were hoping to resolve, but after evaluating the sales and financials, we realized we could not survive. We also were not seeing enough foot traffic, so we decided not to re-open."

Other businesses such as SuperChix, the fried chicken sandwich concept, have also closed since The Dough Dough opened.

"Big chains are doing OK there, but I've talked to other smaller mom-and-pops who are struggling," she says. "The market is saturated."

Farmer started The Dough Dough as an online venture selling cookie dough before she opened her first location in 2018 in Dallas at 5915 Forest Ln.

She opened the location in Frisco in January 2019 with delectable cookie-dough flavors, plus indoor and outdoor seating and Henry's Homemade Ice Cream.

She says she's not ruling out opening another location, but she's not actively seeking one, either.

The Dough Dough sells edible cookie dough in a variety of flavors such as chocolate chip, cookies 'n cream, snickerdoodle, and birthday party, which can be eaten as is or baked in the oven into a traditional cookie. The dough has a shelf life of up to three weeks when refrigerated and three months in the freezer.

They also have a wide range of seasonal flavors including banana cream pie, pecan pie, egg nog, and red velvet.

It's become a popular item for weddings, birthdays, and corporate events, with offerings such as cookie-dough dessert bars, dessert towers, favors and more.

Her Dallas location serves the needs of customers who want to buy in person, especially in anticipation of Valentine's Day, which is one of her busiest holidays.

"We do Valentine's-themed specials like heart- and lip-shaped sugar cookies, and a heart-shaped box full of cookie dough bites," she says. "We're a sweet spot for Valentine's."