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Taiwan bubble tea chain with rich brown sugar tiger stripes comes to Carrollton

Bubble tea chain with rich brown sugar stripes comes to Carrollton

Tiger Sugar Tea
It's richer than the usual bubble tea. Photo courtesy of Tiger Sugar Tea

Bubble tea is still somewhat of a cult item, but a new version coming to Dallas-Fort Worth has the potential to push it out big: Tiger Sugar Tea is a chain from Taiwan with an irresistible signature drink laced with brown sugar, and it's coming to town.

The first location will debut in — surprise — Carrollton, where all the cool Asian stuff is going on, and is set to open "in February, very soon," according to a representative from the chain, while a Facebook page puts the date at March 7.

They'll open at 2625 Old Denton Rd., #555, in the same buzzy-hot center as H-Mart. That imminent opening is supported by a job posting which says they are "urgently hiring."

Tiger Sugar Tea's signature drink is a caramelized brown sugar milk tea with cream mousse. Tea is paired with "brown sugar milk," a combination of brown sugar syrup and milk that is rich and creamy, with a tawny golden tint.

As served, the drink has "tiger stripes" of syrup that ooze down the insides of the cup, but in an appetizing, must-have way. Add chewy tapioca boba bubbles, and you have an over-the-top experience.

Brown sugar milk was already trending in New York at the beginning of summer 2019, but it went viral in January when Tiger Sugar opened its location in Queens. Demand was so high that customers were limited to four drinks per purchase.

Now Dallas is cool enough to get on Tiger Sugar's list.

This will be only the third U.S. market for the chain, following debuts in New York City and Los Angeles.