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Dallas doyen wins title as most romantic restaurant in Texas

Dallas doyen wins title as most romantic restaurant in Texas

The French Room
The cherubs aren't even missed. Photo courtesy of the Adolphus

Valentine's Day brings us many things: chocolate hearts wrapped in red tin foil, bountiful opportunities for spousal guilt trips, and lists.

Lots and lots of lists.

To that end, Food & Wine has issued its list of the "Most Romantic Restaurants in Every State," with a nod given to one restaurant in each state. In Texas, Dallas takes the prize for having the most romantic restaurant with The French Room, the fine-dining restaurant located inside the Adolphus hotel in downtown Dallas.

Food & Wine's blurb, which is a measly two sentences, focuses on the restaurant's decor:

"The French Room, as its name suggests, is the epitome of fine French architecture: it has soaring arched ceilings with gilded Venetian plaster and crystal chandeliers. In other words, you can bring your date to France, without having to buy a plane ticket."

Despite this being a magazine about food and wine, decor rules as the benchmark by which most restaurants on this list were chosen, with very little ink dedicated to the food. No nods given to oysters, chocolate, champagne, or any other of the various food groups tagged as romantic.

The French Room has long been celebrated as Dallas' most romantic eatery; it made a similar list from Open Table in 2015 and a "10-Best" list in 2016. Diners always cooed over the cherubs that were painted on the restaurant's domed ceiling, but those were whited over in the restaurant's 2017 renovation.

But in good news for the restaurant, the cherubs' demise hasn't diminished the level of romanticism, nor allowed any romantic restaurants in Houston, Austin, or other envious cities in Texas to seize the crown. Dallas wins again.