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Victorious new Oak Cliff bar shakes cocktails and neighborly hands

Victorious new Oak Cliff bar shakes cocktails and neighborly hands

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Cocktails, good times, teensy victories. Photo courtesy of Bullock Texas State History Museum

A new bar has opened in Oak Cliff from This & That Co., a hospitality group that owns a number of bars around Dallas. Called Tiny Victories, it's at 602 N. Tyler St., in a sweet storefront at the corner of Davis Street, where it began shaky-shaking the cocktails on February 15.

Tiny Victories is no relation to the Austin bar Small Victory — or, really, any bar whose name combines the word "victory" with a diminutive size adjective such as microscopic, petite, itty-bitty, or wee. Cast as a laid-back neighborhood cocktail bar, it's been in the works for more than a year, as the owners worked through the permit process to get the building rezoned. So its opening is really more of a large victory.

The bar is headed by Ryan Paine, an operating partner who has worked in the Dallas bar for the past 15 years, where he helped open the Porch and has worked at the Dram, Americano, Victor Tangos, and Midnight Rambler.

Tiny Victories is 1,000 square feet with 40 seats. Features include well-crafted cocktails, a 250-square-foot patio, a friendly, unpretentious atmosphere, cozy seating, and stylish décor.

This & That, which owns Parlay in Uptown Dallas in the former Primo's spot, has expanded from its original Uptown turf, with bars such as High Fives and The Whippersnapper off Henderson Avenue, and Ferris Wheelers, the barbecue place near Dallas' Design District. They're also opening a concept in Victory Park called Dibs on Victory. Is there no neighborhood they will not own?

This & That co-founder Brandon Hays says in a release that Tiny Victories will work to earn the neighborhood's respect.

"Oak Cliff is a strong community and we know that trust and respect will be earned, not given," he says. "Our plan is to extend a hand to our neighbors, all while having a good time. A hospitality-first mentality is our focus and we can't wait to meet everyone."