Goodbye Grocery Store

Tom Thumb plans exit from Highland Park Village

Tom Thumb plans exit from Highland Park Village

Those who’ve gotten used to picking up a gallon of milk after a spin through Chanel, Hermes or Jimmy Choo will have to rethink their grocery shopping strategy: Tom Thumb has announced that it is moving out of Highland Park Village sometime in the next 12 months.

In a release, the company said it’s exploring opportunities for a new location to replace the Highland Park Village store, and this decision allows Tom Thumb “to focus on its larger footprint stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.”

“We have enjoyed being in Highland Park Village over the years, but the store is small and outmoded by today’s supermarket standards, with no opportunity for onsite expansion,” said Tom Thumb president Paul McTavish. He also noted that Tom Thumb has a bigger store about one mile west at Inwood Road and University Drive.

McTavish went on to say the company is looking for a larger location in the surrounding area. The existing store is only 18,500 square feet, compared to the current average store size of 46,000 feet.

Parent company Safeway, which unloaded some stores last fall, announced earlier this week it is in “ongoing talks” about a potential sale but refused to comment further.

“Tom Thumb has been an excellent tenant and great neighbor for us,” said Stephen Summers, managing director for Highland Park Village. “We understand and respect their decision to leave Highland Park Village to better compete in this marketplace.”

Tom Thumb
Tom Thumb at Highland Park Village will close in the next 12 months. Courtesy photo