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Restaurant obsessed with brunch to open at Dallas' Mockingbird Station

Restaurant obsessed with brunch to open at Dallas' Mockingbird Station

Can you imagine a restaurant whose entire existence revolves around brunch? 360 Brunch House/@kat.kravings via IG

Mockingbird Station, the mixed-use center at Mockingbird and US-75, has a quartet of new shops coming online, one an intriguing restaurant centered entirely on brunch.

Called 360 Brunch House, it's going into the former Edith's Bistro space at 5331 E. Mockingbird Lane, #160, where it will open in the spring. It's a spinoff of the original location which opened in Mansfield in 2019. A release says it will serve "only high-quality dishes, consistently prepared by genuine people." None of your artificial people at this place.

The menu includes omelets, skillets (served on brunch potatoes with two eggs any style and choice of toast, biscuit, or mini pancake), benedicts, breakfast tacos, breakfast burritos, avocado toast, hummus avocado toast, an acai bowl, a breakfast-stuffed avocado, and breakfast "sammies" including a $17 "Good Morning Sammy" with sausage, bacon, cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, layered on French toast.

There are eight varieties of French toast and 11 varieties of pancakes that include:

  • lemon poppy
  • cheesecake, loaded with cheesecake bites and graham cracker crust
  • bacon pancakes with bacon bits, topped with bacon jam
  • Oreo, topped with icing and chocolate
  • lingonberry, with lingonberries imported from Sweden
  • chocolate chip
  • fruity, with strawberries & blueberries
  • banana Foster

Most pancakes are $12 to $13; there's also a pancake flight where you can get three flavors for $16.

Other new openings at the center include:

StretchLab: Opening in spring 2022, StretchLab is a unique wellness concept offering customized assisted-stretch sessions. Located at 5319 E. Mockingbird Lane, Suite 122, StretchLab offers assisted stretching to those who have weary, knotted muscles to improve flexibility, relieve pain, and correct imbalances in the body. While the one-on-one and group stretching sessions differ in some ways, StretchLab combines the Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) approach with dynamic and static stretching to increase range of motion and maximize benefits during all stretch sessions.

Sandbox VR: Get ready because the future of gaming is coming to Mockingbird Station ® this year. Sandbox VR is bringing an immersive metaverse experience and adding something new to the shopping and dining destination. Sandbox VR is a futuristic VR experience for groups of up to six participants, where they can see and physically interact with everyone inside, just like the real world. The Hong Kong and Silicon Valley-based company, founded by CEO Steve Zhao, created technology that makes participants feel as if they are in a blockbuster action movie. The experience is conducted in a retail environment instead of the internet, providing a feeling of transformation patrons can't get anywhere else. Patrons will be able to transport to multiple different virtual worlds where they can experience the action. Thanks to Hollywood motion capture cameras, 3D precision body trackers, custom hardware, and haptic suits, customers will be able to get a feeling of transformation that they can’t get anywhere else, allowing them to temporarily forget reality. Sandbox VR combines sophisticated "motion capture in real-time with virtual reality technology to create a new medium that is the closest thing to the Star Trek holodeck that exists." Sandbox VR's original worlds are meant to be experienced together with others. Whether it's a journey to space or another adventure, there's something about a thrilling Sandbox VR experience that transforms relationships. Visit 5321 E. Mockingbird Lane, Suite 110 to experience the action.

Hydrate IV Bar: Hydrate IV Bar is ready to welcome the Dallas community into a wellness-led life in 2022! Located at 5331 E Mockingbird Ln Ste #110, Hydrate IV Bar is a collection of IV therapy spas promoting wellness from within. With services ranging from IV Therapy, NAD+ IV Therapy, and injections, Hydrate IV Bar has something to make everyone feel their best. Additionally, all of their services are administered by experienced, registered nurses. The only thing more comforting than kicking back in their big recliners is the reassurance of knowing that you’re in good hands with Hydrate IV Bar’s incredible staff. Once their doors are opened in May of 2022, make sure to stop by the new location between 10:00am to 6:00pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday or between 9:00am to 4:00pm Friday through Sunday for a healthy retreat!