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Graze Craze chain dedicated to charcuterie opens in Plano and Dallas

Graze Craze chain dedicated to charcuterie opens in Plano and Dallas

Charcuterie and wine are a match made in heaven. Graze Craze

One of the hottest dining trends as of late has been charcuterie boards, and now we have a takeout place with a charcuterie theme: Called Graze Craze, it's an innovative brand that brings a "customizable" grazing experience to the Dallas-area, specifically Plano, at 1101 Ohio Dr. #116, where it is making its Texas debut.

Founded in Oklahoma by US Air Force veteran Kerry Sylvester, Graze Craze is a booming new concept in charcuterie boards specializing in artfully designed platters with food for grazing including fruits, vegetables, cheese, crackers, meats, and sweets.

The menu features several options, whether for meat-and-cheese lovers or a vegetarian feast. Each charcuterie platter is "curated" by a "grazologist", a term they've trademarked to describe your own charcuterie concierge. Good idea to trademark that term.

The boards come in different sizes, from single boxes for the lone grazer, to boards with enough to feed a party of 10.

Menu options include:

  • Gone Grazey, their signature platter with hummus, breads, grapes, Brie, assorted cheese slices, crackers, hot soppressata, peppered salami, sweet coppa, carrots, rosemary crackers, cracked pepper crackers, mini bell peppers, prosciutto, fennel-spiced ham, goat cheese with honey & pistachios, wheat crackers, cherry tomatoes, mini cucumbers, kiwi, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, craisins, nuts, cottage cheese dill dip, cranberry orange jam, raspberry jam, lemon dill mayo, spicy brown mustard, honey, and dark chocolate bark.
  • Sweet & Grazey, a dessert board with grapes, pound cake with caramel and pistachios, brownies with white chocolate syrup, lemon cake, oranges, kiwis, macaroon, dessert bread, manchego cheese, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, craisins, strawberries, and dark chocolate bark.

Graze Craze is part of the United Franchise Group whose other concepts include Jon Smith Subs and The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill. There are currently 15 locations in Oklahoma, Utah, Florida, Tennessee, and one in Massachusetts, the best state in the US of A. Two more are slated to open in Texas: one in University Park at 3400 Rosedale St., near SMU, and another in Houston.

Bringing it to Plano is Rob Salinas, a former corporate CFO who is pursuing his dream of owning his own business, and who recognized the booming popularity of charcuterie boards. High-five, Rob.

"There is something special about having the opportunity to serve others," Salinas says in a statement. "We love to see how excited our customers get when they receive their personalized grazing boards, and we’re happy to provide beautiful charcuterie displays, crafted with high-quality ingredients that will please anyone's palate."

Graze Craze is open for pick-ups Monday-Saturday from 8:30 am-6:30 pm, and also does delivery.