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Delivery company serves sheltered Dallas drinkers cocktails at home

Delivery company serves sheltered Dallas drinkers cocktails at home

Sourced Craft Cocktails margarita
Margaritas delivered to your house. Photo courtesy of Sourced

If you're sheltering at home and jonesing for a cocktail, there's a provider that will deliver the goods. Sourced Craft Cocktails is an Austin-based company that is stepping in during these coronavirus times by promoting its service of delivering bottled cocktails to your home.

Sourced initially launched in 2016 as a kind of bartender service, creating cocktails for events such as private parties and festivals. The company has four locations in Austin, New York, Dallas, and San Francisco.

For this venture, customers can order from the Sourced website. You get a 750-ml bottle of spirits; a cocktail mixer made from fruits, juices, and other ingredients; and a jigger.

Each bottled cocktail order yields 12 drinks, and each drink ends up costing between $6 and $8, depending on what you order.

Their menu of eight drinks includes:

  • Spicy Margarita - Avión Tequila, orange cordial, lime juice, honey syrup, jalapeño tincture
  • Whoa, Black Betty - Grey Goose Vodka, lemon juice, blackberry syrup, sparkling water
  • Brown Derby - Glenlivet Founder's Reserve, grapefruit and lemon juice, honey simple syrup, angostura bitters
  • Black Cherry Old Fashioned - Glenlivet Founder's Reserve, cherry syrup, bitters

Their website says that your order also comes with "4 premium plastic cups." First of all, plastic is never "premium." Second, plastic is terrible for the planet. Thirdly, it's wasteful. Why do you need plastic delivered to you at home? Even your jelly-jar glasses are nicer than plastic cups.

UPDATE: A representative from the company notes that the cups provided "are actually recyclable, dishwasher safe, and reusable!" So that's what "premium" means. In addition, the kit itself is delivered in either a paper or reusable bag depending on the market.

All orders received by 2 pm will be delivered the same day by a local bartender.

Sourced is the marketing/delivery agent only; all of the spirits come from retailers. Sourced batches their products with their own non-alcoholic pre-mixed product and delivers them together.

Beyond the cocktails, the program says it provides support to spirits retailers and local bartenders, many currently out of work due to the coronavirus-induced closure of restaurants and bars.

As of March 19, Sourced Craft Cocktails is also donating a portion of the proceeds — 5 percent of the total revenue — from the sale of each bottled cocktail to the United States Bartenders Guild’s Bartender Emergency Assistance Program.

Founder Tim Angelillo says in a statement that we all need to listen to local authorities and stay home.

"Seeing how many bars and restaurants are closed, and how many people are out of work, and how many people are at home still seeking quality cocktails for a small amount of comfort and enjoyment, we developed this program as one way to help put our bartenders to work in delivering batched cocktails to your door," he says.

The mission of the United States Bartenders' Guild is to unite and support professional bartending, through the USBG National Charity Foundation and the Bartender Emergency Assistance Program which provides grants to those in need.