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Atomic Wings comes to Arlington, Texas with authentic Buffalo-style wings

Atomic Wings comes to Arlington, TX with authentic Buffalo-style wings

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Wings and waffle fries with carrots & celery on the side. Atomic

A small but growing restaurant chain that specializes in authentic Buffalo-style wings is soaring into town: Called Atomic Wings, it's a chain from the Northeast that is making its Texas debut in Arlington, at 701 W. Park Row Dr. where it's scheduled to open on Wednesday, April 6.

Headquartered in Maryland, Atomic Wings was founded in 1989 and does authentic New York style Buffalo wings. The brand is led by owners and brothers Zak and Ray Omar, and serves fresh (not frozen) wings tossed in 14 sauces. They've had celebrity moments including being featured on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

It currently has locations in New York and Maryland, but is expanding to Arizona, Nevada, and Texas. Bringing it to DFW are local franchisees Nick and Dev Patel and Kishan Amin, a trio of entrepreneurs who own six hotels in the Dallas area. They decided to invest in Atomic Wings as a way to expand and diversify their holdings.

"We wanted to partner with a brand that people would be excited about, and we’ve seen the splash Atomic Wings has made in every other market it's entered," Amin says. "Plus, the food is incredible, so we know we’re going to build a strong following."

Each Atomic Wings has a unique menu with potential regional specialties, but all locations offer wings, combos, and sauces.

You choose from regular wing, boneless, or a combo of the two, then your sauce from a selection that includes lemon pepper, chipotle BBQ, garlic parmesan, mango habanero, and nuclear, the hottest. They're accompanied by waffle fries, blue cheese, celery, and carrots.

There's also a Buffalo fried chicken sandwich, a grilled sandwich, and also a half-pound burger. Starters include mozzarella sticks, jalapeno poppers, onion rings, and tater tots. There are chicken & waffles, as well as two salads: a Buffalo blue salad, and a chicken Caesar.

The Patels and Amin plan to open two more locations and the chain has also signed agreements to enter Houston, California, and Indiana.

"The grand opening in Arlington is just the beginning of Atomic Wings in Texas," says Atomic Wings' CEO Zak Omar in a statement.

Arlington will host a grand opening event on April 6 that will include prizes and free food. The first 100 guests get a free order of waffle fries, and everyone will be entered into a drawing for prizes that include a Playstation 5, an official NFL football, an official NBA basketball, Atomic Wings jerseys, and the grand prize, free Atomic Wings meals for a year.