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Conveyor belt hot pot restaurant from California steamrolls into Plano

Conveyor belt hot pot restaurant from California steamrolls into Plano

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Hot pot steaming at the table. Seapot

An Asian restaurant from the West Coast featuring two highly desirable items — hot pot and conveyer belt service — is coming to Texas. Seapot, known for being the leading conveyor-belt style hot pot restaurant in Northern California, is opening its first Texas location in Plano at 1900 N. Central Expwy., near Park Boulevard.

This is the space most recently occupied by Corky's Gaming Bistro, which closed on October 31, although it's probably better known as the former home of Furr's Cafeteria. According to a spokesperson, Seapot will open in the fall.

Hot pot is the fun communal experience in which a shared pot of simmering hot broth is brought to the table, with raw ingredients that you and your tablemates cook in the broth, then dip in sauces once it's cooked.

It's customizable, IE you can pick the ingredients you want, whether that's thinly sliced filet mignon, noodles, vegetables, dumplings, and other items you order a la carte.

Conveyor belt service — in which the food is placed on a rotating conveyor belt or moat that winds its way through a restaurant, allowing you to pluck it as it passes your table — has been around since the '50s to ferry sushi. But with the pandemic increasing the demand for no-contact service options such as robots, conveyor belts are trending up. There are at least two other conveyor belt hot pot places in DFW, including Kun Rolling Pot and Rolls By Chubby Cattle.

Seapot was early to the conveyor belt hot pot game: They opened their first location in San Mateo in 2017, followed by a second location in Sunnyvale. In addition to Plano, they're opening a third Bay Area outlet in Daly City, and are actively expanding across the U.S. A franchise group that includes two ex-Californians is bringing the concept to Dallas-Fort Worth. "All of our partners are local," the spokesperson says.

Seapot features personal pots and an endless moving line of ingredients including veggies, meat, and seafood, which trundle around on the conveyor belt so diners can preview the selection before making a decision.

They offer six soup bases including spicy, miso, healthy herb, Thai vegetarian, tomato, and curry. Meat choices include chicken breast, pork belly, lamb, Angus beef, rib eye, and Angus prime. Seafood includes lobster, crab, clam, crab, and prawn.

They don't list the noodles or vegetables, because it's a crazy crazy meat-centric world we live in. But to discourage waste, they limit how much meat you can order, and charge a fee if you don’t finish.