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New all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant in Plano has a funny name

New all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant in Plano has a funny name

Rolls By Chubby Cattle
Sushi looks great. It's just that name. Photo courtesy of Chubby Cattle

There's a new destination to get all the sushi you could ever want. If only it had a different name. It's called Rolls by Chubby Cattle, and it's an all-you-can-eat sushi bar and hot pot restaurant located at 2001 Coit Rd. in Plano.

According to a release, Rolls by Chubby Cattle is actually a makeover of a restaurant called Chubby Cattle, whose name is no better.

Chubby Cattle was previously a hot-pot place. But now you can also get ramen and sushi, delivered to your table via a conveyor belt where the food circulates the dining room on a little train, with dishes trundling past your table.

Chubby Cattle was founded in Las Vegas in 2016 by Haibin Yang, whose family runs a Mongolian restaurant chain called Little Lamb. Conveyer belt-based hotpot proved to be a hit in Vegas, and it's doing well at a second Chubby Cattle in Philadelphia.

But Plano, not so much. So they've switched to all-you-can-eat sushi, ramen, and hot pot for $27.99. There's also a $32.99 version with "premium" beef. 

Rolls include the No. 1 Chef Choice with crab, cucumber, spicy tuna, salmon, white tuna, and jalapeno, with spicy garlic ponzu; and a tempura "TNT roll" with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, whitefish, and cream cheese, with spicy mayo and eel sauce.

There's also a ramen bar where you can customize your ingredients.

This is the second location; there's one in Denver, Colorado that pivoted earlier this year from Chubby Cattle to Rolls by Chubby Cattle.

Chubby Cattle owner David Zhao says in a statement that the makeover is about bringing more to the table.

"Our goal was never to completely get rid of hot pot, we just wanted to expand our menu and provide more variety," Zhao says.

Dear Chubby Cattle and Rolls by Chubby Cattle, if you think that only having hot pot was keeping you from drawing more customers, you were mistaken.

The problem is the name. Nobody wants to admit they are eating at a restaurant called Chubby Cattle. Change the name.