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Best boba tea shop in Dallas-Fort Worth favors Frisco for second location

Best boba tea spot in Dallas-Fort Worth favors Frisco for second shop

Boba Latte
Boba Latte drinks include (from left) milk tea, brewed tea, and slushies. Photo courtesy of Boba Latte

The best boba tea shop in Dallas-Fort Worth is opening a second location. Boba Latte, one of the earliest boba tea shops in town, will open a second store in Frisco at 16100 TX-121, at the northwest corner of Custer Road.

According to owner-founder Julie Ng, the Frisco store will be the company's first franchise, and is slated to open in May.

"It's being opened by a longtime customer," Ng says. "He always said he wanted to open a location, and one day, we finally said, 'Let's do it.'"

Boba Latte first opened in 2003 in Richardson, in a 500-square-foot storefront on Greenville Avenue. Despite its small quarters at the time, they always put out top-quality drinks made not with flavored syrups but with fresh fruit and tea brewed on site. Service is also great, with a friendly and helpful staff.

In 2016, they expanded into a larger location next-door giving them a space that's three times as big, with more room to sit, and a broader menu, with snacks as well as tea and coffee drinks.

Boba Latte's drink selection includes iced teas, smoothies (whose ingredients include milk), and slushies, made with pureed fruit. Boba Latte is the best because they use fresh fruit, such as the large chunks of watermelon that go in its watermelon slushies. They have espresso drinks and "frappes," aka classic milkshakes, as well.

Any drink can be had with boba, also called pearls, the small gummy-like balls made from tapioca, which you suck up in fat straws. Boba Latte also has jellies, like little squares of flavored Jell-O.

Their food snacks include popcorn chicken with a salt-and-pepper seasoning, calamari, chicken wings, fish tofu AKA "fish cakes" made from tofu, and a delicacy called Osaka fries, consisting of crinkle-cut fries topped with takoyaki sauce, bonita, and aonori seaweed flakes.

Frisco is the first franchise, but Ng says that they've been approached by other potential partners as far away as Austin and San Francisco.