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Richardson drink shop proves staying power and bubbles up in bigger spot

Drink shop proves staying power and bubbles up in new Richardson spot

Boba Latte
Boba Latte’s bubble tea will have a new home. Photo courtesy of Boba Latte

After 12 years in its current location, Richardson bubble tea shop Boba Latte is making a move. But not far — it's going into the space next door that was once a tax-service office, in the small shopping center at 112 S. Greenville Ave. near Belt Line Road.

With this move comes expansion: The menu will be broader, with food as well as tea and coffee drinks.

"We haven't figured out the exact menu yet, other than we want to add food and small bites," says Boba Latte owner Julie Dai. "We'll just be glad to have more space."

They're also looking into adding beer and wine.

Dubbed "the fad that forgot to fade," boba tea has been bubbling for a few years. A wave of places opened in the 2000s but the trend never exploded, and a bubble tea shop has yet to open in the center of Dallas. The closest is Fat Straws, near Galleria Dallas, but most bubble tea shops are located in the northern suburbs.

Boba Latte's drink selection includes iced teas, smoothies (whose ingredients include milk), and slushies, made with pureed fruit. Boba Latte is among the best because it uses fresh fruit, such as the large chunks of watermelon that go in its watermelon slushies. It has espresso drinks and "frappes," aka classic milkshakes, as well.

Any drink can be had with boba, also called pearls, the small gummy-like balls made from tapioca, which you suck up in fat straws. Boba Latte also has jellies, like little squares of flavored Jell-O.

The narrowness and lack of seating in its current location can be a challenge when there are more than five customers, which happens pretty often. But the space will be a good fit for the next tenant, which according to a spokesman for the landlord will be a Chinese bakery whose identity is still to be named.