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Plano's booming food hall adds natural wine and charcuterie bar

Plano's booming food hall adds natural wine and charcuterie bar

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Get ready to take a Détour to Plano. Courtesy photo

Add one more to the nonstop stream of restaurants opening at the Legacy Food Hall in Plano: Called Détour, it will do panini sandwiches, charcuterie boards, and organic and natural wines, available by the glass or in bottles.

According to Plano Profile, the wine will be sustainably made from the ground up, with minimal additives and a sense of place and purpose. Wine with a sense of place and purpose is far preferable to wine that is homeless and has no goals in life.

Beverage director is Aaron Benson, formerly of Wayward Sons, who offers a hint as to the meaning of the name in this quote: "We want to offer a 'detour' for wine drinkers into a quickly growing and fascinating area of the wine world," he says. "This is a unique concept that’ll perfectly complement the eclectic array of food stalls at Legacy Hall."

Détour will be located on the first floor of Legacy Hall and will offer barstool and small-table seating.

Legacy Hall will eventually have more than 20 local vendors, serving fast-casual, artisanal foods in food stalls on the first floor. Drinks will range from wine to beer to tiki cocktails. Bars will be both indoors and outdoors.

A terrace on the second floor will overlook a live music stage and beer garden, with Unlawful Assembly Brewing Co. on the third floor.

Legacy Hall is the first of several projects envisioned for the Food Hall Company, founded by Randy DeWitt and Jack Gibbons, creators of such trend-setting concepts as Velvet Taco, Whiskey Cake, Ida Claire, Mexican Sugar, Sixty Vines, Haywire, and Twin Peaks.