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Another Round in West Dallas brilliantly combines bar with miniature golf

Another Round in West Dallas brilliantly combines bar with mini-golf

Miniature golf
Miniature golf is the new frontier. Photo courtesy of Groupon

A new bar in West Dallas near the Sylvan Thirty complex is taking the increasingly popular combination of bars-plus-games to the next level. Called Another Round, it'll combine a great bar with a miniature golf course, but one with features that are a little more ambitious in scope and design than your prototypical windmill.

Located at 660 Fort Worth Ave., it's in a former AC warehouse next door to Sylvan Thirty, being developed by Sylvan Thirty founder Oaxaca Interests, and is slated to open in late summer or early fall.

Another Round is the brainchild of two couples — Kendall and Alicia Spence, and their friends Marcus and Charmaine Oladell — who saw the untapped hipster potential of miniature golf.

"We all vacationed together, and right next to the hotel where we were staying was a miniature golf course," Kendall Spence says. "We played and had a great time, and realized it would be a fun thing to breathe some new life into the mini-golf course you typically see. Miniature golf is a blast, and I love the traditional bank-it-off-the-windmill courses, but we saw an opportunity to do something different."

That something different evolved into the idea of putting a miniature golf course around a bar with a unique take on miniature golf that's not your normal astroturf.

"It'll be almost an art installation, with a new design introduced every year," Spence says.

"The vibe will be a funky ode to a country club, where it's not stuck-up or pretentious — almost a grungy take on a country club," he says.

Bars combined with recreational amusements are one of the biggest trends these days, from giant Jenga at Barcadia, to bowling at Pinstripes and Pinstack and Bowlounge, to volleyball at Sandbar Cantina, to ping pong at Scout at the Statler Dallas hotel, to pinball at Craftcade.

But miniature golf is definitely uncharted terrain.

Spence and company have already resolved their design, which will weave the golf course around the bar as the center point, and construction is underway.

"It'll be on an elevated platform with built-in seating around the holes, where you can hang out and have a drink — you don't have to play mini-golf at all," he says.

There are instagram accounts we can follow at @another.round.dallas and at @makinganotherround for behind-the-scenes posts. They've consulted with a well-known bartender, name still TBA, to work up a menu of good cocktails, and they're going to have finger food provided by Cooper's Meat Market, which is right next door.

"We don't have enough space for a kitchen, so we thought we'd get one of our neighbors to source the food," Spence says.