Bar Down

Quiet Deep Ellum bar closes and takes a favorite Dallas patty melt

Quiet Deep Ellum bar closes and takes a favorite Dallas patty melt

Poitin Old Graceful Rose cocktail
Maybe not enough gimmicks for 2018-era Deep Ellum. Photo by Trevor Gerland

A quiet bar in Deep Ellum has closed, denying all the chance to enjoy its patty melt one last time. The Parlor on Commerce, which occupied a hidden spot next door to Dot's, closed in mid-May, after less than two years in business.

The bar originally shut down temporarily due to code issues with the city of Dallas, but owners Seth Byars and Chris Young decided to shut it down for good.

The Parlor was opened in November 2016 by Byars and Young, bartender alumni of The Quarter Bar and Deep Ellum Live, as a neighborhood bar. They stocked it with beer on tap and the aforementioned patty melt — maybe not gimmicky enough to stay afloat in Deep Ellum these days. Still, their 1,084 followers on Facebook are bound to be disappointed.

Byars and Young did not respond to repeated requests, like all week, for comment, although Byars did speak to the Dallas Observer, which is totally their right, no bitterness whatsoever, not even a tiny shred; he said he doesn't want to own a bar again.

In addition to 16 beers on tap, the bar also boasted an extensive selection of beer, whiskey, and mezcal.

A shotgun space with vintage brick walls and local art, it had floors made from repurposed basketball gymnasium flooring, a bar top made from boxcar wood, and a vintage Playboy-themed pinball machine.

Fans appreciated its soundtrack of classic and indie rock, and its friendly and knowledgeable staff. The food menu was small, with a burger, fried chicken sandwich, and a grilled pimento cheese.