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Texas Rangers ballpark puts poutine and other trendy foods on concession stand menu

Texas Rangers ballpark puts poutine and other trendy foods on menu

Poutine at Globe Life Park in Arlington
Globe Life Ballpark in Arlington's version of poutine has potato chips instead of French fries. Photo courtesy of Globe Life Park
ballpark taco
A new 24-inch-long taco follows a ballpark tradition of 24-inch-long foods. Photo courtesy of Globe Life Park
Poutine at Globe Life Park in Arlington
ballpark taco

With the Texas Rangers mired in fourth place and a long, unpromising season ahead of them, our attention turns to a new mid-season lineup at the ballpark's concession stand that includes an Americanized version of poutine, the sloppy French fries dish born in Canada.

Delaware North Companies Sportservice, which does the food and beverages at Globe Life Park in Arlington, diverts our disappointment in the games with these six new snacks:

Texas poutine potato chip nachos, aka poutine nachos. Potato chips stand in for French fries on this Canadian dish. They're topped with cream gravy, bacon, shredded cheddar cheese, jalapeños, and choice of brisket or Southwestern-style chicken. Poutine nachos are available at the Chipper in section 32.

Bacon waffle on a stick. A spin-off of a previous item called "bacon on a stick," this is bacon coated in waffle batter and baked. You can get it with a maple syrup dip, or top it with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. It's sold at the Homeplate Butcher Block in section 24.

Kaboom Kabob. This is a 24-inch-long kabob of chicken and seasonal veggies. It follows the ballpark's tradition of ridiculously long 24-inch items, including the Boomstick hot dog, Beltre Buster hamburger and Choomungus 24-inch Asian beef sandwich. The Kaboom Kabob is available at stand 24 in section 27.

The Tanaco. Another 24-inch-long item, this is a taco shell filled with one foot of seasoned ground beef and another foot of seasoned chicken. It's topped with lettuce, nacho cheese, pico de gallo, sliced jalapeños and sour cream. It is available at home plate in the Casa De Fuego outlet.

Korean bulgogi beef sandwich. This sandwich has bulgogi beef, spicy slaw and sliced cucumber on a pita wrap. It'll be the culinary highlight of Korean-American heritage night at the ballpark, which is July 11. They'll also serve a South Korean beer, Hite, available in sections 11, 17, 39, 46 and 325. The Korean bulgogi beef sandwich is available in section 17 in Centerfield.

Retro hot dog cart is less an item and more a nostalgia trip. A vendor wearing white pants, white button-up shirt, red bow tie, red apron and newsboy-style hat serves hot dogs with Coca-Cola in a retro aluminum bottle. The hot dog cart is available on the main concourse.