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Dallas Tex-Mex restaurant Primo's returns with new surprise owner

Dallas Tex-Mex restaurant Primo's returns with new surprise owner

Primo's Uptown patio
Primo's in its glory days. Photo courtesy of Primo's

Beloved former local Tex-Mex haunt Primo's Tex-Mex will reopen in its original Uptown Dallas location late this summer, but as an evolved concept with new owners and a new name.

Called Primo's MX Kitchen & Lounge, it will feature what a release calls "an elevated bar program and chef-driven Tex-Mex cuisine that integrates authentic, bold flavors with fresh ingredients."

The new owner is, of all people, Mehrdad Moayedi, president and CEO of Centurion American Development Group, whose revival projects include the Statler Dallas hotel and Collin Creek Mall in Plano.

For this revival, he's drafted Jeffrey Kollinger, CEO of Spice of Life Catering and Tillman's Bishop Arts, as operating partner of Refined Hospitality Group – a newly formed company over Primo’s MX Kitchen & Lounge and other upcoming restaurant concepts to be announced in the coming months. Oooh, other restaurants, interesting.

Moayedi vouches for Kollinger, stating, "When it comes to menu development, operations, and a superb customer experience, Jeffrey and his team seamlessly execute. I'm excited to see Primo’s reinvented into a refreshed experience that will resonate with the expectations of today’s diners."

The new menu will still be Tex-Mex but with a "customized, chef-driven edge" and emphasis on fresh, healthy ingredients.

The restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner daily, as well as brunch and late-night on weekends. Dishes include:

  • Chili dusted beef tenderloin: Ranchero Brussels sprouts, spiced crispy potatoes with a roasted poblano-demiglace
  • Stuffed jalapeños: Lightly fried jalapeños stuffed with smoked chicken and asadero cheese
  • Enchiladas verdes y crema: House-smoked chicken, queso Oaxaca, cilantro, onion, topped with salsa verde and house-made sour cream sauce

"Primo's MX Kitchen & Lounge brings a fresh take on an old favorite with inspirations ranging from the border of Texas to Southern Mexico," said Kollinger says.

The bar menu is crafted by Robert Hall, vice president of operations for Refined Hospitality Group, who says that the bar atmosphere and drink specials were a big part of Primo's past and will continue to occupy that role in the future.

"We plan to bring back a few nostalgic drinks offered at the former Primo's, but we’ve designed a new cocktail menu that’s approachable to the masses, features a mixology edge, and is light and refreshing," he says.

Hall will oversee operations and beverage program development for all upcoming restaurants under the Refined Hospitality Group umbrella. So intriguing, all these new restaurants they're hinting at.