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Dallas' Oak Cliff neighborhood nets truly authentic snocone stand

Dallas' Oak Cliff neighborhood nets truly authentic snocone stand

Snow cone
Summer is snocone time. Photo courtesy of iStock

Oak Cliff gets an authentic New Orleans-style snowball stand with NOLA Snoballs, opening at 345 W. Jefferson Blvd., in the former, short-lived Carnival Barkers Ice Cream space.

Owner is Maureen Ehrlicher, a New Orleans native who's been doing pop-ups for the last year, as well as a temporary stand at a prominent spot at Texas Discovery Gardens.

"I was lucky to know the director of Texas Discovery Gardens because our daughters went to school together," Ehrlicher says. "We were talking one night and I said that I really wanted to start the stand, and he suggested we do it at the Gardens during the State Fair of Texas."

So she debuted the stand in 2016. "I set up in the lobby, and then on busy days and weekends, we'd go out on the front porch," she says.

It went well, and she's gone back for spring break and holidays; she's also done a couple private events as well as Bishop Arts' Bastille Day celebration.

Her signature is a chocolate snocone that's so creamy, it's like ice cream.

"New Orleans-style snocones are known for being creamy," she says. "With regular snocones, you combine ice with concentrate and simple syrup, but with the New Orleans style, you add evaporated milk into the syrup. We do the big seller from New Orleans, which is chocolate made with Hershey's chocolate syrup. You don't see it often around here."

Opening day is July 1, from 1-9 pm; regular hours will be 2-9 pm Tuesday-Sunday, and closed on Mondays.

Maureen and her husband David are true O.C. locals, having lived in the Winnetka Heights neighborhood for more than 25 years. Maureen is also known for her cakes, and as her neighbors testify, she's an avid collector with "the coolest and most impressive Pez collection in Oak Cliff and possibly the entire state," some of which will be on display at the shop.

Her storefront is actually half a space, which she is sharing with Electric Eye, a tattoo shop.

"Their entrance is in the back and my entrance is on Jefferson Boulevard," she says. "It's changing so much now, I'm glad to be a part of it."