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Dinner service by Dallas chef claims to let you snoop inside fancy high-rises

Dinner service by Dallas chef claims you can snoop inside high-rises

Chef Rami Raw
Is this a luxury high-rise? We cannot say. Courtesy photo

A Dallas chef who once competed on Fox's MasterChef has launched one of your more unusual dining concepts, although post-pandemic it's hard to know what usual is.

The chef is Chef Rami Rassas, nicknamed "Rami Raw," and according to a release, he's hosting a monthly private dining experience that takes place in an unexpected location: luxury residential spaces. Or so he claims.

Rather than serving dinner in a restaurant, he's supposedly partnered with Dallas real estate agencies to use "luxury penthouses, condos, and other estates" as the venue, simultaneously promoting those spaces.

At least, this is what the press release says. If you ask Rassas or his PR rep for information on any of these luxury residential spaces they claim to be connecting with, they do not respond.

Called Elev8 Dining Experience, it's a venture between Rassas and his partner Harrison Hall, who scouts the locations — which, again, they won't identify, which almost makes you wonder if they're legit. They also won't provide information on menus, past or future.

Who knows: You could be eating In-N-Out in someone's tool shed.

Elev8 also partners with local DJs, designers, breweries, distilleries, and artists to promote their services and products, too, resulting in a one-of-a-kind shilly showcase.

Each event features a five-course menu with wine and alcohol pairings, whose actual details we cannot provide other than to say they are designed and executed by Rassas.

Tickets start at a steep $250 — some might say outrageous, considering the fact that they won't reveal the menu or location. If you're an adventurer, purchase at www.RamiRaw.com.

Rassas' family is from Jerusalem and his family owned delis, grocery stores, and Leonardo's, an Italian restaurant in Frisco for several years, where he worked. He was also part of the opening team at Scotch & Sausage, a short-lived restaurant on Oak Lawn Avenue that served scotch and sausages.

He was working at a Maserati dealership when he auditioned for MasterChef and was a contestant in season 3, where he placed 19th out of 100 contestants. In 2020, he began creating and selling meal plans, which he still offers, along with private dinners and cooking lessons.

Rassas says in a statement that the best relationships are built sitting around the dining table. "With Elev8, we are aiming to not only create memorable nights of delicious, unforgettable food, but also we also want to create a night of connection and conversation," he says.

Just don't make part of that conversation be a question about what you're eating.

UPDATE 7/1/2021: Rassas' PR rep sent this info: "Elev8 had a trial run at a penthouse at Park District Dallas and though not confirmed, discussions about the next one being held at The Thompson are being had." So apparently this press release they sent out was trolling for locations?

The rep also sent a menu with the following courses: grilled cheese, watermelon gazpacho, jicama fruit salad, salmon tartar, chicken with Florentine sauce, chipotle lobster, Wagyu sandwich, and dessert duo. For prices that "start at $250." No wonder they were so slow to share.