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Restaurant devoted to tri tip steaks opens second Dallas area location

Restaurant devoted to tri tip steaks opens second Dallas area location

Tri Tip Grill
This here is a tri tip family feast with three meats and three sides. Tri Tip

A restaurant specializing in the cut of beef known as the tri tip has opened a new location in the Dallas area: Called Tri Tip Grill, it is now open in Richardson in the CityLine center at the northeast corner of Renner and North Plano roads.

This is the second location in the Dallas area for this chain, following Frisco which opened in 2017. There were previously two locations in New York.

Owner is Robert Sunleaf, a young entrepreneur who previously worked for Texas Instruments. In a release, he says they're thrilled about the opening, stating, "Our hybrid of counter service at lunch and full service at dinner and on weekends makes us the perfect choice for a quick bite at lunch or a fun family night out."

Tri Tip Grill is known for their tri tip steak, a triangular cut of beef from the sirloin that some would say has been unfairly ignored, although it has had a revival in more recent years. They use Angus beef tri tip that's been aged for 35 days. It gets marinated, char-roasted, and smoked. You can order it in a platter with sides, or in a sandwich, sliced thin.

However, there is life here beyond the tri tip. Their menu features burgers and five signature salads including the Cabo Chop with jicama and avocado, and the "krispy" chicken & avocado. Everything is made in house, including salad dressings.

Tri Tip Grill also offers family feasts with three meats and three sides, served family style. Desserts include banana pudding and S’mores for Four served tableside.

Tri Tip is open daily from 10:30 am-11 pm, with a happy hour Monday-Friday from 2-6 pm, and a "social hour" for the last 90 minutes of the day.

Lunch is counter service, then switches at 3 pm on weekdays and all day on the weekends to full-service. Clever.

They also offer online ordering, catering services, and a reservable food truck.

As is the case with other eateries at CityLine, Tri Tip Grill is practicing social distancing and complying by all CDC and state guidelines, including six feet spacing and proper capacity limits inside. They also boast a large patio.