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The Eberhard gives Henderson Avenue drinkers another place to hang

The Eberhard gives Henderson Avenue drinkers another place to hang

A unique restaurant-bar called The Eberhard is happening on Henderson Avenue. It's a handsome place going into the old Taqueria Lupita space at 2107 Henderson Ave., and the opening date is July 6.

According to a release, the place is named after brewer and businessman Eberhard Anheuser, whose son-in-law was Adolphus Busch, founder of the beer company. It's designed to appeal to a wide audience, with its comfortable, casual, living-room atmosphere and menu of shared and seasonal plates.

The space features a 65-foot bar, where "hand-crafted" cocktails, craft beers and wine will be served. The seating is described as "residential," with bookcases on the wall and large plush leather couches that one might find in a home. If you're wondering where people recycle their old sets of encyclopedias, this is the place.

One of Taqueria Lupita's great legacies is the large wraparound patio, which The Eberhard embraces as a place for outdoor dining and entertainment. They've added garage doors for an outdoor feel, and HD TVs for sports events and music videos. There's also now a private loft space to rent for parties and events.

This being Henderson Avenue, there will soon be a weekend brunch and a late-night menu.

Spokesman Adam Lee says that the owners are a big group, most of whom prefer to remain unnamed, with some players based in Dallas and some in Austin.

But there is one person he identifies, and that's the supervising chef. "All of our food is being created by Rodman Shields, from Common Table," Lee says. One item shared so far: the delectable-sounding Oreo churros.

"It's a nightclub with food, but we have quite the bar," Lee says. "Between the wraparound patio, fireplace, couches, lounge and beer on tap, it's a very unique place."

Eberhard is opening on Henderson Avenue with beautiful people behind the bar. Photo courtesy of Eberhard