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Tony Dallas shopping center gets down with farmers market

Tony Dallas shopping center gets down with farmers market

Tomato Fest
Highland Park Village's farmers market bounty is about to grow. Photo courtesy of Urban Harvest

The monthly farmers market at Highland Park Village is in for a reboot with a bigger lineup of vendors. Highland Park Village Local, which has been a seasonal market for the neighborhood, has partnered with Four Seasons Markets to increase its scope.

The market features homemade and hand-crafted goods, specialty foods, savory tamales, local meat, and interactive games for kids, plus treats and accessories for pets.

A new-and-improved market will commence on July 15, from 8:30 am-1 pm, and return on the third Saturday of every month, with subsequent appearances on August 19, September 16, October 21, November 18, and December 16.

Highland Park Village first launched a market in September 2016. Four Seasons Markets will attract additional vendors, manage market operations, and offer markets through December, culminating with a holiday market.

"We are excited to create an opportunity for artisans to sell their goods with a beautiful backdrop and atmosphere," says Four Seasons Markets CEO Vincent Hirth. "The Local Market aligns well with our European-style market concept."

Four Seasons Markets describes its offerings as European markets where people can discover and purchase homegrown or handmade products from ranchers, farmers, specialty food producers, and artisanal craftsmen in a community atmosphere that mimics the village markets popular throughout Europe.

At HP Village, the market is set up on the south parking lot, which is the strip extending from Cafe Pacific and outward to Royal Blue Grocery, with whom the market is observing a symbiotic relationship.

"We are working with Royal Blue, they've been fantastic supporters, and that's why we moved the layout up to where they are," Hirth says. "We are trying to improve that market and reach out to people living outside the HP circle."

A series of tents will face the stores, starting where Royal Blue is, down to the mini plaza, also known as Livingston Court. Royal Blue will continue to have its usual Saturday outdoor barbecue event.

Vendors will include Texas Olive Ranch, Mother Beverage apple cider vinegar drinks, Naturally Curly Cook's quiches and kolaches, J&J Taylor Cattle Company, C & J Farms' seasonings and infused honey, Dancingecko mojito mix, Brockhouse jerky, Hinze Wood Creations' handcrafted pens, Becerra's Tamales, and White Rock Granola.