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New BBQ restaurant fires up ribs and TVs in Duke's spot in Addison

New BBQ restaurant fires up ribs and TVs in Duke's spot in Addison

Austin's Bar-B-Que
Barbecue is ON in Addison. Photo courtesy of FB/Jackie Don Loe

Addison has a new barbecue restaurant run by a husband-and-wife couple who have hospitality experience — and barbecue experience, too. Called Austin's Bar-B-Que, it's at the northwest corner of Keller Springs and Addison roads, at 16101 Addison Rd., in the space that was previously Duke's Icehouse.

Old-timers might remember there was once an Austin's Bar-B-Que in Oak Cliff, but there's no relation. This restaurant is called Austin's because it's the last name of Robert and Valerie Austin, who are running the show.

Robert says they came in on the invitation of the owner, who wanted a restaurant in the space. They've been open for two weeks, and have barely had a chance to catch their breath.

Brisket and ribs are their specialty, with a crunchy, barky exterior and tender inside. But they do all the smoked meats, including brisket, pulled pork, chicken, turkey, and sausage, including regular and jalapeño.

They do meat by the pound, plus sandwiches featuring their smoked meats. Robert says they're using a smoker by Patterson Pits.

Sides are homey and mostly made in-house, including mac 'n cheese, a mustard potato salad, and a black-eyed pea salad with corn kernels mixed in.

"We're doing jalapeno pinto beans, fresh green beans with new potatoes, smoked baked beans with meat, and a good coleslaw," Robert says. "We'll also do some specials like wasabi coleslaw."

Valerie has tended bar at high-end spots including Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and Palomino's at the Crescent Hotel.

Robert is a familiar name in the barbecue world, having worked for the Baker's Ribs chain for more than 25 years. In 2018, he got his feet wet when he opened Uptown Bar-B-Que, a stand set up at Old Warsaw restaurant, which he was running with his son.

"We left that last year, and now we're in Addison," Robert says.

They've spiffed up the space, which they're fashioning as not only a barbecue joint but also a sports bar, for the old Duke's regulars. When the weather's nice, they roll up the garage doors.