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Kroger begins grocery delivery across North Texas with new Dallas facility

Kroger begins grocery delivery across North Texas with Dallas facility

Kroger delivery
More things coming to your doorstep. Photo courtesy of Kroger

Dallas has scored another way to get food delivered with the opening of a new delivery service from Kroger. According to a release, the grocery chain has opened a new Customer Fulfillment Center (CFC) in southeast Dallas at 4221 Telephone Rd.

In a statement, Kroger VP and head of e-commerce Bill Bennett says the new service will bring fresh food and ingredients to our doorsteps.

The range extends all the way to Oklahoma City to the north and Austin and San Antonio to the south. The entire DFW Metroplex will be covered.

"Customers can use or the Kroger app to check the weekly circular, select personalized digital coupons, search products by dietary preference and ultimately place their delivery order, saving time and money," Bennett says.

Kroger Delivery is a partnership between Kroger and grocery e-commerce company Ocado Group that first began in 2018.

The delivery network relies on automated fulfillment centers with more than 1,000 bots that move around giant 3D grids. Dubbed "The Hive," the grids contain totes with products and customer orders. Bots retrieve products from The Hive and take them to pick stations where items are sorted for delivery.

That process is governed by algorithms that ensure items are intelligently packed. For example, fragile items are placed on top, bags are evenly weighted, and each order is optimized to fit into the lowest number of bags, reducing plastic use.

Delivery vans are refrigerated, and can store up to 20 orders.

More algorithms are used to optimize delivery routes, considering factors like road conditions and fuel efficiency. Drivers can travel up to 90 miles with orders from facilities to make deliveries.

Kroger also just launched a membership program for $59 or $99 per year that offers benefits such as unlimited free delivery on orders of $35 or more and fuel points.

The facility will work in collaboration with "spoke" facilities in Austin, San Antonio, and Oklahoma City; each spoke facility will serve as a last-mile cross-dock that will enable Kroger Delivery to expand its services to more customers.

Kroger currently operates customer fulfillment centers in Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, Atlanta, and Detroit, with more centers slated for California, Maryland, Arizona, Cleveland, Charlotte NC, Denver, south Florida, and the Northeast.