Plano closure

Dallas chef-driven barbecue restaurant closes Plano outlet

Dallas chef-driven barbecue restaurant closes Plano outlet

Smoke Plano
Plano restaurant scene loses a player. Photo courtesy of Smoke Plano

The Plano location of Smoke Restaurant is closing after two-and-a-half years of business. The restaurant announced the closure in prototypical 2017 style, with a post on Facebook, left on Sunday, August 13, the day of the closure.

"After 2 1/2 years of business, we are sad to announce that we are closing our Smoke Plano location after our brunch service August 13," the statement says. "We'd like to publicly thank our landlords at Eden, the City of Plano, the neighborhoods of Willow Bend, Prestonwood, and the other surrounding 13 neighborhood associations. We would also like to thank the many employees, past and current, who have contributed their time to help us try to succeed. We have made many great friends and employed a ton of great people."

"We will be relocating our current staff to our other restaurant concepts. We truly tried to make it work, but to put it simply there is no more gas left in the tank. Thank you for your support. We could not have made it this far without you."

The restaurant was an offshoot of the original Smoke Restaurant in Dallas at the Belmont Hotel, and it is part of the same restaurant family as Bolsa in Oak Cliff, The Theodore at Northpark Center, plus Chicken Scratch/The Foundry Bar in West Dallas.

Smoke Plano opened at the beginning of 2015 in a former Snuffer's location. It earned some fanfare when it opened, but it seemed to be floundering, particularly in recent months. One diner recently wrote to say that at a dinner on August 9, the restaurant appeared to be on the verge of closing, with no host or hostess, half the dining area closed, and the coverings on the backs of the chairs "literally falling apart." They went on to say that it was the worst meal they were ever served.

The closing notice was posted at 1 pm; oddly, only two hours before at 11 am, the restaurant posted a cheery pitch for its brunch, announcing, "Brunch is here!" Maybe brunch did not do that well?

Smoke Plano is not the only closure for ownership group Turn The Tables; they shut down Bolsa Mercado, a market-restaurant combo, in mid-July. Meanwhile, they're part of a partnership taking on the big task of running the restaurant operations at the newly renovated Statler Hotel, where it will be responsible for overseeing a flexible venue space and five new restaurants and bars.

Deep Ellum restaurant Filament also closed on August 13, citing slow business as the reason.