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Singer Juan Gabriel inspired this family-run Tex-Mex restaurant in Plano

Singer Juan Gabriel inspired this family-run Plano Tex-Mex restaurant

El Noa Noa Tex Mex
The enchiladas have a little something extra. Photo courtesy of El Noa Noa

A new Tex-Mex restaurant in Plano is already earning raves for its good food and service. El Noa Noa Tex-Mex recently opened at 1915 N. Central Expwy., in a space with a long history of Mexican restaurant occupants, most recently Dos Charros. Pedro Marcial is the manager, partnered with his sister and brother-in-law; this represents their very first place.

"It's my brother-in-law's idea," Marcial says. "He has been working at Tex-Mex restaurants for a long time. He picked up knowledge and techniques at every place he worked, and now we have the opportunity to try different things."

Their best-seller is a grilled redfish with white wine garlic butter sauce, served with charro beans, rice, and a salad. Their lunch combination plates are a big hit, and even basics such as chicken enchiladas get a fresh spin thanks to a sassy verde sauce they make in-house.

They're even catering to the occasional vegan diner by creating dishes to order.

"We had someone come in and we made her some nice tacos," Marcial says. "Our beans are made with canola oil, so there are no animal products. And we have a wide variety of vegetables, including broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms, pepper, onions, and spinach. It's all fresh, and we don't overcook them, so you get a good texture and flavor."

On weekends, they open early at 9 am to serve a breakfast combining Mexican dishes such as migas and breakfast tacos with brunch classics such as omelets, pancakes, and French toast with fresh fruit. They anticipate another few weeks until they obtain their alcohol permit, so for now it's BYOB.

The name is inspired by a song that references a famous club in Mexico.

"My brother-in-law always liked singer-songwriter Juan Gabriel, who passed away last year," Marcial says. "He started his career at Noa Noa, a club in Juarez. It became so popular that Gabriel bought the nightclub. We liked the story of how that was the beginning of his career, and think about this restaurant in the same way."