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Dallas digs in to more flaky biscuits with new restaurant from Florida

Dallas digs in to more flaky biscuits with new restaurant from Florida

Maple Biscuit Bar
Mmmm, biscuits. Photo courtesy of Maple Biscuit Bar

We can't get enough biscuits, and fortunately there's a new place to try: Maple Street Biscuit Company, a Florida-based company has opened its first location in Texas, in Frisco at 3288 Main St., in a former ice cream shop space.

Maple Street is a small friendly concept founded in Jacksonville in 2012. They like the personal touch and bristle against calling themselves a chain, but they currently have 29 locations across the Southeast in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and the Carolinas.

Their main thing is flaky buttermilk biscuits, but spokesperson Becca Christy says it's not just the biscuits but what they put inside, using quality ingredients and recipes made in-house.

A large portion of their menu is dedicated to chicken biscuit sandwiches. There's fried chicken breast, bacon, and cheddar cheese; fried chicken with honey mustard; fried chicken with bacon and maple syrup; fried chicken with bacon cheddar and apple butter; fried chicken with goat cheese and pepper jelly; fried chicken with buffalo sauce; fried chicken with tomato sauce and feta cheese.

There are biscuits and gravy; a biscuit BLT; and a veggie biscuit sandwich with goat cheese and sautéed spinach. There’s also a biscuit dessert with French toast biscuits with pecans and cinnamon chips baked in, topped with strawberries and whipped cream.

There's a chicken and waffle dish, but also a chocolate-chip waffle with strawberries, and one with Asiago cheese and bacon baked in. The flip flop waffle has maple sausage "balls" and comes with sausage gravy.

"Our cornerstone is the fried chick biscuit sandwich," Christy says. "But we also do waffles, grits, a build-your-own salad, and other dishes to round out the menu."

There is oatmeal, home-fries, sweet potato fries, fried green tomatoes, and a layered potato dish in which hash brown potatoes are stuffed with smoked gouda cheese.

"Our biscuit is round and flaky, and our chicken is a 4-ounce boneless chicken breast," Christy says. "It has a lot of flavor. We put a little spice in our breading so it has a little kick."

A sense of community is a strong part of their ethos, one that extends even to having some community-style seating, and they also are closed on Sundays. Their hours are 7 am-2 pm weekdays and 7 am-3 pm on Saturdays.

"Our company founder feels strongly about our employees having a day with family," Christy says. Yeah but no biscuits on Sunday, boo.