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Houndstooth sibling Tweed Coffee snatches up headquarters in Dallas Design District

Houndstooth sibling snatches up headquarters in Dallas Design District

Tweed Coffee
Houndstooth sister company Tweed Coffee will roast beans in the Dallas Design District. Photo courtesy of Tweed Coffee

Having successfully pulled off the opening of a Dallas outlet of Houndstooth Coffee, the highly rated Austin coffee shop, owner Sean Henry has settled on headquarters for Tweed Coffee, his independent coffee roasting company.

Tweed's permanent digs will be in the Dallas Design District, in a spacious 5,000-square-foot warehouse at the coffee-like address of 158 Express St. Henry, who launched the roasting company in 2013, has been sharing space with Cultivar, a like-minded microroaster in Dallas.

"We already have our space in the Design District," Henry says. "It's bigger than what we need, but it'll give us a place to do things like parties, and we're hoping to grow into it. I like that it's all climate-controlled. We want our beans and our people to be happy."

Tweed's current lineup includes seven beans, including house blend Foxtrot; a seasonal coffee for summer that's a blend of two African beans, one washed and one natural; and Timepiece, their seasonal espresso bean.

Customers can purchase them on the website, or enjoy them in drinks served by Oak Lawn Coffee, Mocha Coffee Bar and Henderson Avenue restaurant Gemma.

"Everyone talks about buying local, but nobody talks about seasonal coffee," Henry says. "But coffee is seasonal too. Certain beans are available at certain times of the year, and that's when you should buy it.

"You can keep beans for a while, and a lot of people do that; they buy old beans and roast them and think that nobody cares. But if you were to taste them, you can tell the difference."

Henry and Tweet roaster Jonathan Aldrich also take a unique approach to roasting: not in the more traditional "light" or "dark" roast but instead for the bean. And that's how we get tweets like this recent one from Tweed: "Timepiece via Chemex was awesome this morning – lots of rosé, dark chocolate and fruit."

"We're not roasting for a particular style," Henry says. "We’re not going for 'medium,' 'light,' 'dark.' We're going to represent coffee the best we can. We believe in place; we want to represent the place from where the coffee comes."