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TV chef Tiffany Derry hops back into kitchen with rootsy Dallas restaurant

TV chef hops back into kitchen with rootsy Dallas restaurant

Chef Tiffany Derry
Chef Tiffany Derry will be back in a Dallas kitchen in winter 2016. Photo courtesy of Wine Poste

Tiffany Derry, the Dallas chef who rose to fame as a contestant on Bravo's Top Chef, is returning to the kitchen with a new restaurant called Roots Southern Table, opening at Trinity Groves in Dallas.

The restaurant will take the space next to Off-Site Kitchen that's right on Singleton Boulevard. Forecast opening date is winter 2016.

Derry tells the Dallas Morning News that the inspiration is her family's cooking. Her menu will include beef stuffed with collard, mustard, and turnip greens; and duck-fat fried chicken, which she featured at Private Social, the Uptown Dallas restaurant where she most recently cooked.

Derry's family members will be involved, including her grandmother and her mother, who will bake desserts such as chess pie and chocolate cake and greet people at the door.

Unlike other restaurants at Trinity Groves that follow the "incubator" model, Roots Southern Table will be a conventional restaurant with no hands-on involvement from founder Phil Romano.

She's also working on a concept called Roots Chicken Shack for Plano's Legacy Food Hall as well as a to-go concept for Uptown Urban Market, the food hall at Gables Villa Rosa from Mark Brezinksi and Jonathan Tobolowsky.

Derry hasn't worked in a restaurant since 2013, when she resigned from Private Social. In the interim, she has appeared on a number of reality-TV and competition-style shows such as Bar Rescue and Chopped Junior.