Nosh Bistro Returns

Comeback chef gives bistro another try in North Dallas hot spot

Comeback chef gives bistro another try in North Dallas hot spot

Dallas chef Avner Samuel
Chef Avner Samuel is no stranger to comebacks. Courtesy photo

In words that have been uttered many times, chef Avner Samuel is back, this time with Nosh Bistro, which is now open at 11910 Preston Rd. at the intersection of Forest Lane.

This is another revival for Samuel, who has owned and operated a dozen restaurants around Dallas over the past 25 years. He operated Nosh at the Plaza on Oak Lawn until it closed abruptly in 2014.

Joined by manager Jeff Armand, Samuel took over the location most previously occupied by Oso Food & Wine, which closed in May. The area lies in the sweet spot for Samuel's clientele. "Most of my customers come from LBJ to Oak Lawn, so this is right where they live," he says.

The menu is a combination of Avner standards like "my mother's salad" and Nosh items such as espresso-brazed beef short rib, roasted chicken, Kobe meatballs, and truffle mac and cheese. It'll be open for dinner and lunch. "In that neighborhood, you have to be open for lunch," he says.

In the past year, Samuel took some time off and did some menu consulting for clients like Alberto Lombardi (Toulouse, Taverna, Bistro 31).

"I felt like I needed to get back to work, and luckily we got this location," he says. They worked with "Build It With Bruce" Russo to overhaul the space.

"Bruce saw immediately what needed to be done," Samuel says. "We wanted to get it close to the old Nosh, so we redid the bar, the dining room, we're even opening the kitchen. We're getting back the old Nosh."