Meat On A Stick

Skewers make the menu at mysterious and meaty new North Dallas restaurant

Skewers make the menu at mysterious, meaty new North Dallas restaurant

Meat on skewers is the theme of a new restaurant opening in North Dallas. Photo courtesy of Skewers

A new restaurant specializing in skewered food will open in North Dallas, with the appropriate name of Skewers Shop. It'll be a quick-service restaurant with a menu that's inspired by Japanese yakitori, food on bamboo skewers cooked over charcoal.

The owners prefer to remain anonymous for now, but a spokesman says they'll feature different varieties of meats, cooked in different styles, plus sake and craft beers.

"Our vision is to have a location where food lovers can stop by, dine in and have a beer to get an izakaya bar experience," the spokesman says. "Or if they're in a hurry, grab a couple of skewers in a bag to-go for an experience much like getting food from Yakitori street vendors you find in Japan."

Meats include steak, dark meat chicken, pork belly, and chicken wings. Flavorings include sea salt, a garlic and onion barbecue rub, a soy sauce and sake glaze, and another soy sauce but with rice wine marinade.

Dallas' selection of izakaya-style restaurants where you can grab quick Japanese food with drinks is limited, but some progress has been made with the likes of Ten Ramen, Wabi House on Greenville Avenue, and Mr. Max in Irving, now owned by Mon Group, who own Monta Ramen, which is also supposed to open sometime in Dallas.

Decor will be minimalist in design and furniture, with a spotlight focus on the yakitori grill, visible to the dining room so that customers can watch as their skewers are being cooked.

The restaurant is going into what was previously the last branch in Dallas of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, which closed over a year ago. No more Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf? Aww. Skewers is still under construction but they're aiming to open in early October, says the spokesman whose first name begins with an M.