State Fair of Texas 2016
Holy Cannoli

Relentless State Fair of Texas unveils new list of food delicacies

Relentless State Fair of Texas unveils new list of food delicacies

State Fair cannoli bites
Cannoli bites are a new snack at the State Fair of Texas. Photo courtesy of State Fair of Texas

Working hard to keep interest at a fever pitch, the State Fair of Texas has announced another crop of food items in anticipation of the opening coming on September 30.

The latest crop follows the annual Big Tex Choice Awards, whose winners for 2016 were determined at the end of August. Fried Jell-O won the Best Taste award, and a treat called cookie fries won the award for Most Creative.

None in this latest round of foods were competitors; they're simply new dishes that the fair hopes will be sufficiently weird to compel you to make a visit the fair. For a complete list of new foods and their locations, visit

Here's a list of the new foods you'll find at the 2016 State Fair of Texas:

  • Bacon Cream Corn at Bailey's Deli
  • Dr Pepper Chocolate Chip Ice Cream at Howdy Homemade Ice Cream
  • Barnyard Burger at Nevin's
  • Duel Lamb Chop Pop with Twice-Baked Potato Fries at Belgian Waffles
  • Blackened Shrimp Baked Potato at Shrimp Doc
  • Fried Cajun Crisp at Stuffed Wings
  • Chocolate Tease Wine Cooler at Newport Concessions
  • Fried Prime Rib Quesadill”O” at Barrera’s
  • Crunchy Fried Oinkers at Ranchero Fajitas
  • Loaded Bacon Mashed Potato Egg Roll at Old Mill Inn
  • Dallas' Fried Bacontilla at Benavides
  • Lollipop Fried Bacon Wrapped Quail Breast on a Stick at Dickel's Texas Smokehouse
  • Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Tater’ Dog at Baconation & Old Mill Inn
  • Mama's Garlic Fries at Stuffed Wings
  • Deep Fried Cannoli Bites at Magnolia Beer Garden & Magnolia Smokehouse
  • Pecan Pie Poppers at Chef Cassy's
  • Deep Fried Clam Chowda at Guacamole Paradise Texas Ice House & Texas Burgers, Dogs & More
  • Piña-A lot-Tas​ at Ranchero Fajitas
  • Deep Fried Nachos at Fun Biz Concessions
  • Shrimp Fritters at La-Kam's Bar & Grill
  • Deep Fried Smoked Salmon & Bacon Croquettes at La-Kam's Bar & Grill
  • State Fair Edible Cola at Trio on the Green & Fair Faves
  • Doritos Bacon Mozzarella Cheese Stick at Benavides Nachos
  • Turkey Leg Tacos at Juicy’s

How much eating can one human accomplish?

This year’s event runs from Friday, September 30, to Sunday, October 23, in historic Fair Park. If you're on the hunt for discounted tickets to the event, we have the complete list.