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New pizza concept Project Pie confirms opening date for Dallas debut

New pizza concept Project Pie announces opening date for Dallas

Project Pie pizza
Project Pie's pizzas have a crust that's slightly thinner and crispier than a Neapolitan pizza. Photo courtesy of Project Pie
Project Pie pizza
Project Pie's pizza lineup includes dessert pies such as this one with banana and Nutella. Photo courtesy of Project Pie
Project Pie pizza
Project Pie pizza

California-based quick-pizza concept Project Pie has settled on an opening date and location for its debut in Dallas: September 29. Preston Center will be the first location of this build-your-own artisan pizza concept to open, at 6030 Luther Ln.

Project Pie is one of a handful of new startups dubbed "the Chipotle of pizza," wherein diners go through a Chipotle-style line and specify toppings. Pizzas cook in three minutes or less in an 800-degree oven fired by gas. The company was founded by pizza guru James Markham, who's created a number of pizza concepts, including Knockout and Pieology.

Project Pie's menu has nine pre-designed pizza options, all priced at $7.50, along with a couple of salads and desserts. The chain currently has four branches in California, one in Las Vegas, 1 in Colorado and 6 in the Philippines. That's right, the Philippines.

The "pre-designed menu" features classic cheese pizza, a prosciutto and caramelized onion pizza, and other "white" pizzas that come with no sauce; guests can customize any creation with gluten-free crust. Project Pie also serves salads and homemade desserts like Nutella and banana pizza.

The Preston Center location is the first of three for the Dallas market. Other Project Pie restaurants are slated to open in Lower Greenville and the SMU/Highland Park area in November.