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HG Sply Co. owner spreads Greenville Avenue restaurant magic to Rockwall

HG Sply Co. spreads Greenville Avenue restaurant magic to Rockwall

Standard Service, stir-fry
This stir-fry is one of the bowls on the menu at Standard Service in Rockwall. Photo by Kathleen Kemp

Greenville Avenue coolness is spreading to the far east 'burb of Rockwall with the opening of Standard Service, from the group behind HG Sply Co. and Remedy.

Set to open on October 10, the restaurant is conceived as a casual neighborhood spot serving Texas cuisine, cocktails, beer, and wine. It's located at 760 W. Ralph Hall Pkwy., next to — surprise — a CrossFit place. This is actually not a surprise, since the founders of HG Sply Co. are CrossFit fans.

Owner/operator Elias Pope says in a release that they wanted to summon an old-timey​ experience that's "reminiscent of the standard service grocer," combining "a vintage feel with modern touches and a simple dining room." The release uses the word "simple" three times, so that seems to be their motif; none of that complicated stuff.

Chef Danyele McPherson picks up the nostalgic theme.

"Before the days of self-service, the standard was a handshake and conversation with your local grocer who sold only fine-quality staple goods," she says, magically recalling a time before she was born. "It was a time when you didn't have to check for ingredients you can't pronounce, and the people who made your food were also your neighbors."

McPherson describes the menu as "modern Texas staples that focus on fresh, simple ingredients." Simple, see.

Like HG Sply Co., the menu is mindful of dietary restrictions. Appetizers include Frito pie made with bison, French onion dip, and deviled eggs. There are four salads, including Caesar; Cobb; and a chopped veggie with broccoli, cauliflower, beets, grapes, goat cheese, rice, and candied pecans. It also has HG Sply Co.'s "bowls," with grains, vegetables, and meat.

Sandwiches include a chicken salad wrap, a buffalo chicken sandwich, an interesting-sounding sandwich called a sushi burrito, and the burger from sister restaurant Remedy. Sides include cauliflower with Gruyère cheese, Brussels sprouts, Texas caviar, sweet potato waffle fries, and mashed potatoes with gravy.

The restaurant seats 80, but the important part is the area designated for exterior/patio dining, with room for about 45, and a bar that opens to the outside.

"We wanted to change what a local spot could be, and it was simply about returning to a good idea," Pope says.