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Oak Cliff finally gets juiced with new coffee-and-juice bar Local Press + Brew

Oak Cliff finally gets juiced with Local Press + Brew

The Urban Acres complex continues to expand. It got a chef and cafe and now will be joined by an adjacent juice and coffee bar called Local Press + Brew. Founders Ben Johnson and Tiffany Vance say they hope to open in November.

The two concerns will be separate but complementary entities, Johnson says.

"We'll be the first juice bar in Oak Cliff," he says. "We'll be able to work with Urban Acres as a source for our ingredients. It's good we're next door. We'll have that connection to farmers."

In addition to cold-pressed juices, the menu will include espresso drinks and cold-brew coffee, as well as a selection of raw and vegan snacks and treats. The coffee will come from local roasters only, and they're looking to form partnerships with local bakers and sell their products. They also want to feature local artists and musicians.

Vance says their juice will be pressed on site and available for delivery as well as in the cafe and walk up "to go" window. They'll take a strong environmental stance by serving their juices in glass bottles, not plastic, and give discounts to those who bring their bottles back. "Glass is the best way to consume juice," she says.

They'll also offer a discount to bicycle patrons in support of the Oak Cliff cycling community.

To make their uniqueness perfectly clear, they're a juice-and-coffee cafe, as opposed to the usual juice bar with limited seating. They'll have free wifi and indoor seating as well as an outdoor patio area. They envision a warmer, more welcoming atmosphere than the usual minimalist juice bar.

"I feel like Oak Cliff will appreciate the sincerity of our locally based organic fare," Vance says.

Central Market fresh-squeezed juices
Local Press + Brew will serve cold-pressed juices in glass, not plastic. Courtesy photo