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Fancy candy brand selects fancier Dallas destination for Texas debut

Fancy candy brand selects fancier Dallas destination for Texas debut

Sugarfina, candy, gummy bears
For its Texas debut, California candy company Sugarfina will open in one of Dallas’ toniest centers. Photo by Jeff Mindell

One exciting fringe benefit of Market, the new boutique opening at Highland Park Village, is the Texas debut of Sugarfina, the luxury candy boutique often referred to as the "Tiffany's of candy."

The first Sugarfina opened in Beverly Hills in 2013 and has enjoyed success by marketing itself as a candy store for adults. It offers more than 140 different candies, including its signature gummy bears made with Dom Perignon Champagne. Many of its products are unavailable anywhere else in the United States.

Most of its gummies come from the Bavarian region of Germany, where gummy bears were invented, and its hazelnut candies are from the Piedmont region of Italy, said to be home of the finest hazelnuts in the world.

The only thing that comes close is Dylan's, the eponymous candy shop founded by Ralph Lauren's daughter Dylan, which has stores in Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Sugarfina has standalone shops along the West Coast as far up as Vancouver, with more set for the East Coast including Boston and New York. The company is big on sampling and obsessive about its tasteful packaging, including a sky blue and white color scheme and a "bento box" option with compartments that allow you to customize your order.

Co-founder Rosie O'Neill says that the outlet at Highland Park Village will be like a miniature store.

"We'll have a cute shop-within-a-shop inside Market," she says. "It'll be about 150 square feet, but it will feel like a mini Sugarfina store. It'll offer all the things a regular Sugarfina store offers, but on a smaller scale."

That'll include a design-your-own bento box wall where customers can fill a box with their choice of candies. There'll also be candies exclusive to Dallas only.

"Since Market will have a flower shop component, we're doing a few special candies all based on flowers, including long-stemmed roses, as well as Bella Rosa, which is a great hard candy rosette that's infused with the flavor of Italian rosewater."

O'Neill says that the outlet at Market is only their first stop in Texas. "We are so excited about our store in Dallas, but we have plans to open more stores in Texas in 2016," she says. "We're looking at Dallas and Houston."

Until then, it'll be Highland Park Village for all your Sugarfina needs: your champagne gummy bears, your chocolate-covered kumquats, your interlocking weddings rings made from chocolate and imported from Greece.

"It's things that many people have never seen or heard about, and it's a feast for all the senses," O'Neill says.